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RS Yokota

RS Yokota merupakan salah satu produsen terkemuka yang memproduksi knalpot full system racing untuk model motor seperti FTR223, CB223S, GRASS TRACKER, D-Tracker, Estrella dan lainnya.

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Ulasan Produk RS Yokota

Match nicely with Kawasaki racingColor.

At the time of purchase, I saw Orange color looking at Striker's advertisement.

The turning angle of the Exhaust pipe, Silencer 's Large criteria is just right.

I think the exhaust sound will be really cool.

How to burn the Exhaust pipe becomes a good feeling. (Reference picture 1)

I think that Under Cowl is also made by Striker.

Exhaust pipe and under Cowl back are in contact with your own vehicle, so a bit sorry (´・_・`).

My Muffler emblem is the one before Manufacturer changed it personally like these.

Fixed price at the time of purchase, 45,000 yen + tax.
Current price COSPA is even better.
Emblem changed to what Manufacturer currently sells right after purchase in 2007.
I like having it so much before I change it.
Currently cool with Sharp.
Small Engine Displacement Volume, Single cylinder Exhaust System.
As for performance, Normal muffler changes at the same time as purchase and it can not be compared.
Although it can not compare, it is no purchase. 1!

Less choice carburetorSpec. It is an exhaust system for GRASS TRACKER.
Since making is good, there was no exhaust leakage from the intermediate Joint, and installation was completed in a short time. Large I'm satisfied..

I was skeptical about high-quality singing phrases, but I tried to buy it because I thought it was fond because I liked the shape and SeraCoat processing.

When I ran the familiar Winding after wearing it, the ground feeling of Rear got better than NORMAL remarkably. Since the stability feeling during the bank and the response at acceleration are improved, even if I am doing the usual cornering, I could run with Speed ??much faster than usual. There is an effect just because the gold price is high, this is a good shopping.

After that, it is a snake feet, but if you add Bracket for Chain cover of Option, you can also install Inner fender made by the company.

I bought it because there is a case to put Engine on residential area. Naturally, the sound is small, it gets worse. It is probably a sound of exhaust leaking through the gap between Baffle and Silencer, but irregularly "Brew ... Bukuburururun ..." And I hear a sound that is nothing wrong. At first it sounds quite distinct from the usual ExhaustNotebook as if you were thinking that you were the sound owner. Frequently a group truck or a basketball is sending a brivy diarrhea feces Sound with Large volume, but there is not so much power or sound pressure. Exactly "It leaked out ..." I feel unexpectedly with the feeling that even with a sense of tragedy. Well, it can not be helped as it is stopped with one Screw. If you absolutely want to erase it will improve if you paint with liquid Gas, but now it is even more affectionate to attach.

The Engine is more likely to be used as a by-product effect. Catalyst-less Full Exhaust System, near straight pipe Silencer may be effective.

When purchasing zrx 1100, Striker 's Slip - on Silencer was installed, and in choosing the Full Exhaust System this time I got lost as Nojima but I decided to love Titanium' s beautiful burning color. I removed the Radiator for installation. Because the number Seal is pasted on Pipe which the product precision corresponds very well, it was easy to exchange. It was worth waiting for one month and a half from the order. It is a recommendation!

I installed it in NS-1.
With personal feeling it is hello heroes up to 6000 rpm, but the first power band came from 7000 to 8000 rpm and the second power band came after 8500 rpm.
My vehicle is about 11000 and Power is ceasing (normal... ), So I am enjoying acceleration feeling rather than.
Silencer does not have a problem with respect to sound quality, but the Exhaust Chamber's Gold genus is thin, so the quinquin sounds.
Personally I do not like it much...
Performance is very good so please consider it!

The part related to the output was installed in full normal. The torque feeling is down across the whole area. It is remarkable such as tight climbing pass. 6 kilometers down, such as the highest speed! I was betrayed so much. I also feel unwary the manual. The center pipe reuses the nut that stops the normal silencer, but it is not written. I think that there are also individual differences in normal, but because the inner fender interferes, the band was installed in a form to hide a part of the emblem, the stay was also tilted from the manual. The quality of the muffler itself is also lower than it used to be. We used ZZR 1100 × 2, falcon, CBR 1000, when the striker was not overflowing in the past, but it was a wonderful performance and quality. Powering up the whole area with a pon! It was crazy from the racing concept. Small displacement vehicles are surprisingly lightweight even with normal mufflers so even in full titanium it is also heavy silencer so there is almost no weight saving. Volume sound quality is also an authentication muffler so quiet one. Well, as it tends to be noisy, I wonder if this is enough. To this performance quality this price is too high. From now on i-con, PPS, plugs, if you can not satisfy with satisfying, return to normal. We will refrain from buying strikers in the future.