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RSV memproduksi knalpot dengan suara jernih untuk skutik dan off-road. Anda dapat menikmati performa motor baik untuk berkendara sehari-hari maupun untuk racing.

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CRF250LmugenSpec. Exchange with PowerBox from Exhaust System. I can not compare with Normal exhaust pipe, but the performance is getting better. However, as the exhaust pressure is killed by the Inner silencer, it will suffer because it can not be blown at high speed etc.. There is no problem in town riding etc. Since the sound quality is also killed by Inner silencer, ○ La and F ○ It is inferior to F's Slip-on Silencer. It might be good for Total to run.
In public roads, I can not remove Inner silencer, but when I remove it, it will be an explosion. With this disconnected state, if you add a fire kit, it seems Power will come out.
For installation, simply clamp the exhaust MOLLET and do not do it, if you use the liquid Gas, you can install it without problems.

Rsv badge is in good quality. But it seems quite different with the original rsv2 series badge. But its in good shape and looking is good

We replaced it for carburetor for ME 06, and buy it because bimbin is too low at OEM exterior. Result, Large Correct Answer. Because Silencer is also rsv, is it also compatible with it? The caliber becomes thick and extremely low speed is easy to handle. Although it has the effect of carburetor exchange, it will go up to Beauty. By the way, Inner baffle pulled out. The finish is also beautiful at this price, easy to install (If you have some experience) is.

The texture and sound became the sound that I liked that a little bass worked.
Since the previous OEMExhaust System was rusted and the exhaust leaked, it replaced it. So the sound's LargeSmall is unknown.
We also exchange Manifold, but we needed a little adjustment at the joint.

The accuracy of welding and joints does not leak even if there is no liquid Gasket, it was used as insurance.
I do not understand because the impression of the embarkation is exchanged at the same time as the Exhaust System. It seems that the stability of low speed has increased?

Since it was installed from the time of second-hand purchase of the vehicle, I will review it.

OEMSilencer (After regulation) Compared to the low Torque Torque will be missing, there is no problem with KL 250 Sherpa's SUPER Low 1st gear start.
Obviously the RSV tube has better dandruff, the high rotation is easy Level.

Because KL 250 Sherpa has no Number Plate in Side cover, the intermediate Pipe to Silencer is slender, Silencer extends according to the angle of Seat I think that this product is the most visible.
Also, the point that you can easily feel OH with Hex wrench is also very GOOD for Sunday DIY man.

It is regrettable that simply stopping Silencer and intermediate Pipe with Clamp is certainly the point that exhaust leakage occurs. Pipe gets dirty due to leakage, so those who are concerned are liquid Gas essential.

Well, if it is 30,000 yen, I thought that it was an Exhaust System which I bought and bought for a change in purpose etc..

Mounted in 1997 SEROW 225 WE.
Quality was also very good and could be installed without problems. Because it is lightweight compared with NORMAL, it contributes to handling on mountains.
I attached it with Silencer of spatula, but low speed is sufficient, Silencer is also involved, but because the inner diameter is somewhat wider, exhaust efficiency has also increased, and acceleration growth has also come out.
I highly recommend it..

I attached it to DJEBEL 250 xc.
I installed the Exhaust System for the first time, but I could install it without difficulty.
As for volume, I felt somewhat quiet than NORMAL when Idling but it turned out to be a suitable volume as soon as I opened it.
The sound quality is a light feeling like Tapa Papa, but it's crisp well and I personally like it.
It became somewhat lightweight as it looks better, so I am satisfied with Large.