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Rumble memproduksi perlengkapan berkendara dengan sentuhan ala Amerika. Jaket, sarung tangan dan tas produksi Rumble dirancang dalam gaya casual, namun Anda akan tetap merasakan rasa nyaman dan aman saat berkendara.

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Ulasan Produk RUMBLE

Because it is a Leisure ride aiming at the basic sunny day, it is sneaking up for sudden rain. So I was looking for top and bottom for Motorcycle at a low price. It is not in the product photograph, but Back print like Harley's Emblem claims that it is decadeca. I hate bad people. Because it is not thick, winding Round and round and putting it in the included purse suit makes it fairly compact. I have not tried it on a rainy day so I do not know if it will stain from the seams, but it turned out to be so when that happened. Because it's cheap.

Because the capacity is large for the price, I bought it because I can use plenty.

We used rain wings for Motorcycle and Seat cover of Motorcycle for umbrella, but none of the repellency was disappointing.

It's better than not using it, so it's not that it's not effective, but I think it's a product with price.

Although I saw it on TV today, not only the company's products but also waterproof resin is included in the product and I was experimenting with TV to make it homogenous, but after applying Spray I considerably Waterproof effect It seems to be up.

I was sorry to hear that I was expecting too much
Look for good ones regularly
I thought it would be Repeat if good
It was not possible result (Lol)

I bought a rain gear newly, so I purchased it together.
It is because I felt that Cost performance is the best from capacity and price because I chose honesty.

I used Waterproof properly without using this because I used Thailand's rain gear.
I ride Motorcycle everyday including commuting, and of course it rides even if it rains.
Once used under the above conditions, there is no flooding, water droplets adhered also rounded and I think that there is also a water repellent effect.

In terms of being able to use it for leather (I think that there are many other products as well) I will try to use it for Boots this time.

Rain Wear got a little rain, I decided to purchase this product by watching Impre. I have not used it in the rain yet, I do not know the effect, but because the smell is not too tight, I think that it is ok.

Purchase by seeing the evaluation of others
Tank Bag and Fanny pack
I am planning to try various things.
I hope it is performance of expected reason
I will try thick coating thin coating.

A Design is smart at oneself liking. Breathability thinks that it is good and it is good for summer. Moreover, a Pad also thinks that it is comfortable and safe by full gear. If
can be carried out and the Inner is attached ....