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Because I was exchanging the Radiator with the Other Company Product, it was a feeling that processing was quite necessary to install,
I stopped installing.

Well, OEM Radiator probably will be attached with Bolt-on or some processing.

I think that it is good because the thing itself is solid.

Because there was a part hitting Shroud at the time of installation, some cutting work was necessary.
Although it may be able to be processed even if it is adjusted well temporarily by adjusting it, I cut off the part to be hit just in case.
It is good that you do not need to remove OEM's Pla Parts.
Regarding defense power, it is still unknown because it has not overturned fancy yet, but I feel like I can expect it.

It seems that it is also from other Manufacturer's, but I felt that this product was also good in installation precision and cospa at other people's impule so I bought it.

Easy installation The Instruction Manual was bundled, but it is easier for me to understand if the image is a bit clearer.

The picture of One point is pretty. (Lol)

With WR 250 R, since solo forest road Touring is Main, purchase so that it will not run out when falling. Just installation Instruction Manual is incomprehensible, so it was hard to install, but if you can understand it can be installed in around 30 minutes.
Remove Seat, Shroud and remove the claws on the Red circle of the image, the Yellow circle will come off and the Blue circle Screw will loosen. I put a Radiator guard in that Screw. Since the bottom Screw is short, use the included hexagonal Screw. Accessory "White parts and Screw" I used it for the image here.

The quality is very good, installation went easily. Guard looks solid and safe to the radiator. Now I can ride more aggressively with no worry, thank you webike!

Although it may not be necessary unless it is good, I installed it as an amulet in case of emergency.
According to the conclusion "Pon not allowed" is.
First of all, when assembling Frame, it interferes with the Cover part of Radiator fan, so we need to cut this Cover.
Next, after attaching, when attaching Shroud, it interferes with Frame's Bracket. It is possible to install by force, but I think that it is better to shave off the Bracket part when thinking about later Maintenance.
I installed it at the Motorcycle shop that I always take care of, but if you are not confident of tools and installation, I recommend you to install with Shop.
Impression after installation, even with Shroud attached Blue's connected Pipeetc. , It will be Accent a little better from the outside.