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I bought it for installation on Jet type of SHOEI. I removed the Pad and installed it without difficulty. The appearance and the feeling of use are also very good feeling.

I used SM5 for a long time but it was inevitable for selling it, I bought the latest model for Tandem touring.
Body is also decking, Speaker has become thicker, and it was hard to install.
If Helmet of the recent Touring model, Income's SpeakerSpace is established from the beginning and there is no problem,
I want to reduce the burden on the neck in Long touring, focus on lightness Sports model's Helmet (NOLAN) I am using.
Because the thickness of Speaker interferes with my ears, I attempted to adjust the position many times but I gave up because I did not go well.
There is no other helmet (SHOEI MultiTEC) It attached to. This was installed without problems at all.
The performance is getting better, but I wanted you to make it a bit smaller.

I purchased SMH 5 which is cheaper than SMH 10. Although it is not possible to make multiple simultaneous calls like SMH 10, it is enough in cooperation with smartphones to allow music, telephone, and up to four people to talk. Operation methods are well thought out. Noise that sounds also tend to be in Bluetooth has also been cleared with updating the PC. Since the voice also corresponds in Japanese by updating, operation does not hesitate either. Cospa is very expensive compared to other companies' things. However, it may be better to stop parallel imported goods for security. It took about 30 minutes to install carefully, but I think that even beginners can deal with it.

Most things can be operated with REMOTE CONTROLLER
I do not like the Button that answers the phone is on the Reverse side
Mounting is a strong Spring and just chews on Handlebar
When leaving Motorcycle it becomes worry unless you take it off and possess it
I do not think there is absolutely necessary
People who want playfulness feel good if you buy.

Here's the latest Beacom's not so popular.
It will take some time to get used to it
No doubt that you will not let go.
It has a presence and looks like Large
It is not heavy and easy to use.

SENNA - Although there is no particular dissatisfaction about the basic performance of the highest peak 20S of Income for Motorcycle, only 2 points dissatisfied in the branch leaves.

1. Waterproof performance in rainy weather
After running in rainy weather, the motion becomes unstable. This is because rainwater enters from the gap between Body and Clamp unit to the Clamp unit side, the action of pushing the Button at the bottom of the Clamp unit is done without permission and the Body can not be powered off. After drying the clamp unit overnight, I returned to the original, but it became anxiety material during rain run.

2. Even above, Button at the bottom of the Clamp unit hits you when you move your shoulders. Helmet (Arai ASTRO-IQ) We will not be able to adjust the mounting position in the front and back.

It is a shame just because basic performance is excellent.

I purchased SENA 20S.

- It is easy to install on Helmet. I tried it after installation quickly. You can hear well about music and call without any problems. Incoming calls and calls are connected to the other party via JOGDialButtonOne push. I heard Clear so I was able to make a normal phone call.
- Allows simultaneous multi calling for 8 people not in other Manufacturers. (I have not tried it yet - - - )
- Pairing with Income of other Manufacturer and can talk.

- The Main unit can be VoiceCommand function with DoubleTap, but it does not respond internally even if DoubleTap is done.
- The VoiceCommand does not react even if it talks to me repeatedly
- Body will protrude downward after Helmet installation is completed.

TV program "How about Wednesday?" I thought that I would like to record a conversation at the time of touring like a car-mounted movie, and I bought it for purchase.
Before purchasing, I installed an external Microphone in GoPro and led it to an Income speaker with a Microphone attached to Helmet, but I was plagued by GoProBody's USB board damage and beeps due to microphone contact.

If it is a Japanese genuine article it is perilla paper but sufficient instruction manual is enclosed.
It was recording from communication between sena's SMH 10, volume, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Balance is normal.
GP 10 itself is made quite compact, but setting with Waterproof Housing will increase the weight considerably.
I basically use it with WaterproofHousing, so the handling has become worse.
Helmet mountetc. If you plan to use the charge Cable handling and the type of mount is better to contemplate.
It seems to be premised to use with power supply. When GP10 is installed in GoPro and charging, GoPro will be charged as well.

GP10 built-in StereoMicrophone. ON, OFF. Is possible to do., This. So-called outdoor orienta .. seems. Wind Cutting sound. Intense Motorcycle. Car loading..
Also, when recording with Income and recording at the same time pick up voice from both Income and Microphone (At low speed) Basically, I think that it is better to turn off one side when turning on one side.