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SAITANIYA adalah brand yang khusus menyediakan suku cadang bodywork, fairing, spakbor, dan berbagai suku cadang lainnya baik untuk motor tahun 90-an maupun untuk motor-motor keluaran terbaru. Suku cadang bodywork SAITANIYA hadir dengan desain yang unik dan sangat direkomendasikan untuk motor-motor balap.

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Great quality product, shipped fast to the USA & perfect for a Doraemon replica hemlmet! - Fitment won't be spot on/perfectly flush but still looks great in our opinion. SEVENTY SEVEN DECALS LLC

Since the friend attached, it purchased.
Attachment is dramatically easy and easy also for beginners.
After attachment became very smart!
It is admiration up custom rather than changing a muffler! Please try!
In the direction which has removed the exhaust air cleaner, it is recommended further!!

Although it is the 2nd piece, the result is good as usual!
Arrival is also early!

OEM Seat Cowl changed so it changed. It became difficult to use Accessory Case etc., but there are no problems in other respects. Parenthesis better than anything!

The installation accuracy is the worst..
I divert OEM's Rubber and Screw,
As it is, the gap between the product and Swingarm is quite free.
It is a rather disappointing finish just because the texture and shape are good.

Attention is necessary as Upper Cowl seems to be damaged when installing, but installation is very easy. Since Screw to be fixed can not use OEM's as it is, a longer Screw is necessary. It looks so tight when looking at the whole a little more than looking at nearby It is very cool!

Inner fender wanted to install from before. Various from various companies have been released, but I wanted a long item of Chain cover and I tried it with Mr. Gendaiya. (In order to save labor of painting Material : Carbon Style)
Regarding the installation, we made a process such as scraping the gold tool that stops Brake hose. (My car is an ABS car)
Other than that it was possible to install without problems.
I do not know the effect yet, but under Seat it seems to get less dirt!.

I purchased because I wanted to be an HP 4 race style Aluminum Tank.
My Motorcycle is full Carbon Spec. So it was Large strange that it was taken or scraped because there is no play.
I thought that some processing was necessary, but it was a bit Large strange.
It's awesome as a Guard when you kill.
s1000rr is expensive when you repair with Aluminum Tank