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Selang radiator Samco Sport dibuat dengan bahan berkualitas tinggi secara manual di UK yang kualitasnya 100% terjamin. Dibuat dengan tangan dan diuji secara profesional oleh para ahli, produk Samco Sport telah terbukti menjadi pilihan utama para pembalap kaliber internasional.

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samco hose clip, made in England.. that tells you all, the quality of the clips is the highest priority, compared to the high end stainless steel hose clips from Aliexpress these are still much much better. once you screw them up on the samco hoses you will just know how good they are. just, just that i didn't know that only 4 pcs are sent in the package, i guessed the purchase really meant for 4 units but i couldn't find the information anywhere, since there are 3 pcs of samco hoses, it means that I'll have to buy another 2 pcs, so unfortunate.

When I was laid up in the New Year, "When I do not exchange Radiator hose soon - - - "When searching for parts, common parts will come out but only special items will be sold out!
Because there is no choice, to order Silicon radiator hose of Samco Sports. (Because it is a Minor car, I'm glad even with the setting)

Hose has eight as well, besides Radiator and Engine, Hose to water cooled Oil cooler and Hose 1 pc of hot water carburetor were also attached. (Hot water carburetor is Spec. There are changes to the usual carburetor by the earth)
My Motorcycle was not necessary because it killed Hose to the hot water carburetor, but in order to completely remove the Hose it is necessary to change Thease of Thermostat, so I exchanged it although it is not necessary. (^_^;)

Since there was some deformation within Hose in only one place, I made the Hose Band double, but I could install it without any problems.

Because it is an exchange of Hose, I do not know the difference in terms of performance, but durability is definitely above, so worry about leakage of Coolant due to deterioration has almost disappeared.

Although it looks also Green Light, it is not noticeable as it peeps somewhat from Cowl.

Although there is no description of PartsNumber, it is molded into a special shape, so it can be replaced without much trouble.

Often it is 10 mm longer than OEMParts in many cases, once you feel that there is an extra installation, let's adjust with a Cutter that runs well.
If the cross section is rattled, Coolant may come out.

In the case of me, extra Length accumulated in the gathering part of the Thermostat part, making it difficult to install the Radiator.