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SAMURAI ELVEX merancang dan memproduksi kacamata safety yang memiliki banyak kegunaan seperti untuk riding, berolahraga, mengelas, dan untuk kegiatan industri dalam pabrik lainnya. Seluruh produk SAMURAI ELVEX sudah memenuhi standar Departemen Pertahanan Amerika Serikat dan 100% dapat menghalau sinar UV yang berpotensi merusak mata Anda.

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Purchase in preparation for the early period of Autumn / Winter nightfall for Road motorcycle. Previously I used Semi-clear.
Good shape, Fit on the face, garbage does not matter while traveling, the eyes become difficult to dry, you can drive safely.
With a bicycle, there is a disadvantage that it will become cloudy in the cold period only when waiting for a signal, but in Motorcycle you never mind anything.
Outdoor Maintenance in periods of strong sunlight in summer, garden work and Multi-use Suguremono. Because Body is light, because you forget to wear it when you are concentrating on your work, you just wipe away the sweat. When used for a long time, the red resin part of the handle fades, but because it is cheap. We are buying more for outing and working use.

With eyeglass type that does not obstruct visibility as much as possible to be used in conjunction with Jet helmet - - -
In the Design which minimizes the entrainment of the wind that went round to SIDE, especially Semi-clear is very useful with the brightness not obstructing visibility information.

However, if the part of the handle of the product is too long and my Jet helmet floats on the inner wall of Ear PadRear and it does not fit on the face, I use it by about 2CM and use it.

* For details, refer to the image

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
As I had a dark Lens, when I was coloring a thin color type so that it could be applied when it was cloudy, I bought it as a result of examination within the scope of WEBIKE Point + shipping charge.

? 【How was it actually used?】
Lens part was thin and had color, and it became Mirror, so it is useful as Sports sunglasses I wanted.

? Fit feeling etc. when wearing etc etc. ]
- It's light, so I do not mind being wearing Sunglasses.
- Also, Frame is durable Material : Plastic did not hurt even if I had a long nose Pad part.
- It is easy to put the temple part of the Sunglasses on the ear after she suffered from Jet helmet.
- Even if you use it with jogging etc. I do not get any gap.

? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
nothing special

? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I thought that bag with bag carrying Sunglasses was kind. I thought that it would be good if Lens wiped because it gets soiled.

? 【Have you compared items?】
Sunglasses of same price range

? [Others]
There was also a low price from this Sunglasses, but when considering the shipping cost, I thought that this product was COSPA.

I ordered it early in the morning and reached that night.. Quick correspondence is amazing.
The product was also free from scratches. When trying on it, the feeling of Fit is the best. I was worried that my eyelashes would not hit because my nose was low, but it is not a concern.
I can also carry it because it also comes with a storage bag.
I think that Design is perfectly cool.
Since I have not used it yet, I will evaluate it with expectation!

I use it for Jet helmet. It also fits well on the face so there is no reflection and no sense of incongruity.
Just because Lens's color is deep, it is hard to see the front in Tunnel
☆ I made it to two.

Clear, Semi-clear, Gray, 3 colors purchased and used separately.
Cool! Light! Cheap! Without frame there is good visibility! No distortion of vision ?! Durable! Wind entrainment less! Harmful UV 100% Cut!
It's a wonderful Sunglasses!
Touring, Drive, Car Maintenance, Motorcycle Maintenance, Mowing,
Large has been active in various scenes!
It seems that there is no polarizing function, but still Large satisfied! Star six!

Actually, it's a good one. Other companies Padetc. We are using the dust-proof windstorm to explain it, but Kole is Fit in shape with Defferential Gear.
It seems to be suitable for working under the scorching sun during the day, it seems not suitable for driving at night (Manufacturer also said so from the beginning ^ ^;;)
Whether I want Clear, I was Glasses for the work of the insignificant work that I was impressed by the fact that I ordered midnight last night and received today and so far.

Purchase as a vibration measure of Handlebar
It is certainly heavy. Ultra heavyweight
Vibration is alleviated somewhat but there is no dramatic change.
The shape is simple, but it is made carefully. The OEM is hanging Screw Lock so change it at the shop.