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SANCTUARY adalah bike shop asal Jepang spesialis modifikasi Kawasaki Z1, Ninja, serta Suzuki KATANA yang juga menyediakan sparepart untuk modifikasi pribadi. Motor hasil modifikasi SANCTUARY diberi kode RCM dan desainnya yang cantik dicintai oleh penggemar motor di seluruh dunia.

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[webike monitor] Although the floating which is different until now was attached, this product was seen, and it fell in love at first sight, and opted for purchase.
It is satisfied with the reliability of strengthening of attachment.

This has a 10mm hole, one of the few rollers that has this measurement. Its well put together and you can regrease the bearings. Its quiet and is between a soft and hard material. Some vibration but will get better once its grooved. Its wide enough to incorporate a chain that may be off center where as a narrow roller may give you issues. Conclusion: this a well made roller and recommend.

Quantity : 2pc. It is a purchase of eyes eye. Last purchase was for Brake Master but this time I bought this SANCTUARY Sanctuary Master Reserver Tank Bracket for Clutch Master. In order to bend to an arbitrary position, the last time it warmly bent at a stretch, because Black Anodized peeled and discolored, it was bent slightly at a time to position it.
It was successful this time.

I exchanged from Nisshin's Tank Bracket. Tank Bracket positioned from the beginning is sold from various places, but Cowl - I bought this product by bothering me with interference with Inner cowl and tried to bend it to an arbitrary position by myself.

It attached to ZEPHYR1100.When the Blinker stay which can use the
loading hook is looked for, this hits.Even if it sets most after
, there is also no interference with a Blinker, and it is good touch.
(the Blinker of a photograph is a Long stay of a POSH Middle-machined Blinker.)
Although it is expensive, structure is solid and there is a high grade feeling.It was good to buy it.
It is conversely rigid too much and the ball piece of a Blinker becomes anxious.Or [ that LED-izing is required ]?

The same goods purchased those with three company, and made in [ including Nitro / which are likely to have intensity most in it ] Nitro in the volume retailer. It was the atmosphere which the other 2 company had thin thickness and form of the stay part where a Guide roller is specifically attached, or processed the several millimeters aluminum board. Although it was cheap about thousands of yen in price, since it was a portion which always contacts a Chain when running, made in [ which is likely to be excellent in intensity ] Nitro was chosen.
Anodized processing is also carried out and texture and functionality are places called an expected passage. Since Pons attachment cannot be performed unless a Side stands sensor removes, it is attaching by removing. At the time of departure, it is a check required about a STAND.
I have equipped with the Wheel of 5.5 pieces and have offset the Chain line 8 mm again. I think that it was good in that there are some spans of adjustable range since it was touch that the Chain was just before the outside of a Guide roller. it is satisfactory if Wheel width is 5.5 or less -- it is -- although -- some processings are likely to be needed if it is more than this. Although it is a Side stands stopper, it has interfered in the
last splendidly. It is coped with for the time being using the Stay of L character which is sold at the Home center for this reason. Since there seems to be no problem for the moment although it is in this state one month or more, I would like to cope with it gradually.

When attached, the circumference of rear one felt it refreshed.

Although the quality of a fixing system or a Roller came out strongly and was very well, if it did not cut whether the attachment part of a Side stands sensor would be bent, the big issue which is not attached and made generated it. Attachment was given up tearfully. it is because it runs with STAND appearance carried out and there is a danger electrical of an accident. Please sell the transfer Bolt on parts of a Side stands sensor.