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Sanei Shobo merupakan penerbit sejumlah majalah motor ternama, seperti Moto Champ (menyajikan informasi seputar industri motor dan referensi modifikasi) dan Riding Sport (menyajikan informasi seputar event balapan motor, seperti MotoGP, WSBK, dan lain-lain).

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Contents from Debut to 1989. Although the legendary Battle with Rainy is still ahead of the story, I think if you are a fan of Schwantz, I think there is no loss. I'm looking forward to a sequel that will probably come out.
Speaking of which, Schwantz came to last year's eight tolerance. I was impressed by the raw Schwantz. Schwantz also took her a year, but DVD's Schwantz remained young. For Ojisan, it's time to time trip.
I am glad that you can see the ElfPRO Ject Machine that ROCKET Ron drives.
MotoGP is nice, but WGP is also nice.

我每個月都會買Motochamp,已經第6年了,因為可以從Motochamp得到最新的改裝或產品資訊,還有其他產品介紹,保養和維修教學. Motochamp的內容十分豐富,有最新的產品介紹,新車情報,DIY教學,還有很多產品銷售,資訊非常多,還有騎車旅遊介紹,內容十分精彩,相關資訊相當有用.我會繼續購買Motochamp. I buy Motochamp every month for the sixth year because of the latest modifications or product information available from Motochamp, as well as additional product introductory, maintenance and repair instruc- tions. Motochamp content is very rich, with the latest product introduction, new car information, DIY teaching, there are many product sales, information is very much, as well as cycling tours, the content is very exciting, the relevant information is very useful.I will continue to buy Motochamp. (Translated by Google Translation)

Of goods "State" It was very bad! It was a mistake that I bought one after another. Clearly I do not want to pay Gold Level. There is no complain if it is second-hand but this defect is not new story with a new article. Because returning is also troublesome I will fall asleep. The lowest product management, actual work situation that does not relate to customer satisfaction appears.
Books should be bought at bookstores or Amazon.

book of "Content" Very satisfied. I can understand the career of SEA BASS which I did not miss after moving to moto GP. It was exactly the point that divided the light and the fact that the engine with Honda with Engine had prevailed against SEA BASS with Frame.
People who want to make Rizla Replica will also be useful, with plenty of pictures of the machines of the past. Again GPMachine has a different force. Just watching is fun.

The content is white
Although it is only one word, scenery and scenery etc. in various places throughout the country
The content of the article was also easy to understand
Please read once and see.

I saw Harada Tetsuya san for the first time in a while
You got old
Nostalgic Yamaha DebutSeasonChampion
I thought it was recently that I was watching at the final war at wowow

Super sports bike unnecessary article
The contents were also good and you can see the meaning of unnecessary
But I think that there is no unnecessary thing in Motorcycle
I think that people who like Motorcycle will understand
There is an article of W800, so also Kawasaki fans
I think there is a reading to read

It was easy to understand and easy to read
The content of the article also has Variation
It was a readable book.
I also bought the previous issue
I do not seem to be able to purchase, so I'd like to find another one