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SANSEI RACING unggul dalam produk knalpot, stang dan stabilizer. Knalpot SANSEI RACING dapat meningkatkan performa mesin, mengurangi berat motor, dan menyajikan tampilan unik pada motor Anda.

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I got lost now as a fashionable WR'S, but I made it to Sansei RACING.
The reason is rare anyway. Affordable price.
Exhaust sound is far better than the image of YOUTUBE of other company's products. (Maybe only self satisfaction)

To 2015 year CB400SF Fast shipping. Good sound. Good appearance. But the middle pipe is not completely fixed. Disadvantages of slip-on

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Spartan style and serviceability.
【How was it actually used?】 Build well and Quick Release is also very satisfied with Smooth.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Due to diverting to non-compliant models, only drilling in the Top Bridge was a little troublesome.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 It is better to make a slide with a bar with a temporary work.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] There is none.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell me if there are any improvement points】 Hope to resurrect Titanium color!
【Have you compared items?】 Other companies such as antlion BilletClamp
Spartan mechanism - I was attracted to Style and bought it. Clamp is somewhat expensive,
The real build is terribly dense and impressive. Quite accurate, I clamp it so that it sucks.
Cut-out texture and meat extraction also "Beauty for you" With that feeling, there is no uncomfortable feeling like I got it.

Incidentally, the color I bought now is Titanium color which Lineup does not have.
It is astringent and it fits well with the atmosphere of BANDIT 400. Silver color is good, but Titanium color is excellent.

Fixing to the Bridge is 1 Bolt type, puncture the Normal top bridge of BANDIT 400
attachment. Probably high precision, it is necessary to temporarily assemble the bar and put out atari several times.
Durability is excellent, even if you are using for 6 years, there is no play or there is no color fault such as color coming out.

In the past, other companies also had a similar Clamp, but now it is only Sansei.
After all, the structure is complicated, it costs Cost, and it is hard to evaluate in terms of Cost performance
Shoshou.. It's high, but it's pretty good Clamp.

The Full exhaust corresponding to an automobile inspection purchased wanting.
> -- moderate -- sound-volume UP & omission UP

-- <('omega`) br> whose
red / black Motorcycle the Silencer of anodic-oxidation-coatings finishing did not simply suit -- an ordinary Stainless and Carbon -- when it was, it had chosen there rightly.
* -- individual comment

It completes in attachment 10 minutes. Although the Brake Force interfered a little [
], it has attached satisfactorily.

Since it was a slip-on, attachment was also able to be simplified.
Although before was an external muffler, playing truant going up is better than it.
Sound thought the kana ~ which is not so noisy.
I think that a price is the engine performance which balanced although carried out as it is.

If there is attachment as long as 10 minutes, it is enough.
I think that appearance also became good and was stabilized considerably also at the corner.
Although it is somewhat high, it is one recommended article by all means.

(1) He bought it for the improvement in control (2) handling rigidity of F Faulk twist.
It actually attached, and although it ran, the effect has seldom been felt.
sense of stability should not have a direction with stabilizer -- it is touch as ~.
~ which I regard as Good KASUTAMU was carried out since there is an effect which controls F Faulk's twist!