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SANTECA menyediakan berbagai macam sparepart kelistrikan, seperti HID kit untuk skutik dan motor berkapasitas mesin kecil.

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It attached and broke down in only one day.
It is the worst.
It is a skull mark, not to mention a star.

Considering the price, structure is solid. brightness and an operation -- it is satisfactory at all. A Response is also good. Although there was a Trouble, it was the wiring mistake here. I think that it is reliable since the polite Support was still carried out and it obtained.

Since SANTEKA was disreputable, it was anxious, but it attached to ZRX1200, and although I ride almost every day half a year, the light is switched on satisfactorily.
Even if compared with normal halogen, it is natural, but it is quite bright.

It is under use by djebel 250XC.
When attaching HID to the djebel of a large-sized headlight, it is already matchless brightness! If it is for attachment and as long as 1 hour, anyone attaches and does (let's ask Schopp for the direction which does not have confidence in an arm for high-tension goods).
Although the product of tecnica seemingly also has individual specificity and the not much good talk is not heard, I repeat a model change and consider [ that the steps engine performance is becoming good and ].
笙ェ which is completely free from failure in spite of a hard off-road run although it attaches and two year passes (although the HID products of tecnica were used at least four flowers, as for [ here ], all ballasts broke in 1~2 years).
Since an igniter is altogether settled in a cowl if it is the off-road vehicle to which the mini cawl was attached because of ballast internal organs, appearance is very also a refreshing.
About a color temperature, although I am using 6000 K, blueness feels me dark strong a little.
Since 4300~5000 K must be actually the brightest, that one is recommended.

It attaches and will break down in only one day!!! It was the worst although taken in in the low price.