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SARGENT menyediakan jok motor aftermarket premium dengan fungsionalitas tinggi untuk memenuhi kebutuhan para rider. Jok SARGENT dibuat berdasarkan teknologi paling mutakhir dengan kualitas yang tiada duanya.

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Be Tourer "K1600 GT" OEMSeat indeed is good, but the center is high, Seat's Cushion Material also "High rebound Urethane" As if "Sitting in the Ball" It seems that seating stability is not good.
this "Sargent" Seat "Saddle shape" The seat surface is Flat, and Cushion Material is "SUPER AT MickForm" We use a somewhat consolidated low rebound Urethane, from the time we sit for the first time with a moderate sinking and shape, the stability is high with a feeling like being wrapped, and from the shape, the footstick is somewhat spoiled Although Cornering's center of gravity movement is Direct, there are widths of Seat, so you can even lay it down further.
In addition, Seat High gave OEM "about 80. 5 - 82. 5cm (EUOEM : 81 - 83 cm) "is about 5 mm lower, but considering the amount of subduction is almost like no difference from OEM.
For wearing "T20 Torque" It becomes necessary, and it can not be replaced by an on-board tool alone, but it was easy to replace by itself.
After installation, it took 250 km of Tight corner pass road, urban area, Cornering Speed, Bank angle, LineTrace improved markedly compared with OEM compared with OEM, CornerSpeed ??is 20%, Bank angle also deep accordingly, Tire is full To be able to use. Even with the same car body it became easier to handle in another dimension.
However, "Made-to-Order Product" so "US Production" And it takes about 3 months for delivery, so it's natural to wait, but you can feel the Merit after the exchange, including the price further.

I chose the Carbon type, but the price was too high I wondered how many times I should buy it.
The accuracy of Body is good, but the key felt somewhat like something for the price.

It took several weeks for delivery.
We only replace installation from OEM. As the inside of Seat increased thickness slightly, we needed some ingenuity in how to place the documents under Seat. The footstep is almost the same as OEM with the feeling that the width is lowered slightly and the width spreads.
Well, it is a ride.. In the OEM, the butt that has become painful and it hurts for 1 hour does not hurt at all. I will take a break as the body stiffens when I am running any further but I feel that the butt does not need a break (^^)
Brown chosen according to the car type is Large Correct Answer. The width of the butt portion and the shape of the restriction on the front side is Sexy Line and it is favorite.
A year passed, but there seems to be no problem of deterioration of the skin, fray of the thread, rain does not seep into the durability.

OEMSeat feels like being straddled by logs, rather than saying ass, my crotch hurts.
After exchanging, I ran about 600, but the pain in my crotch disappeared.
Because it accepts your ass in the face, it is pleasant.
I feel like I got LED light of bonus.
As a thing, I think I did a good shopping, but if the price is cheaper a little better.

Since I purchased Unpainting 's stuff, I got an OEM color (Sun Color : Yellow), but as the viewer saw it "Parenthesis like" "Is this an OEM?" I will tell you. Also, as for storage, Rain Wear, Wallet, smartphone etc. are included so it is enough capacity for day trips. But the only bad part is installation. The company's ModularSystemSeat (Front) To the Screw stopping type from the back side, Screw hole position was slightly misaligned, and it was tightened Screw with considerable Chica La technique. I also had a hard time installing it on the car body, but the construction of the details is sloppy. I gave up on foreign products like this.

Seat Outer Cover has a luxurious feeling with CarbonFX, and the storage box behind Seat is useful for keeping vehicle inspections etc.. I chose EU Low Seat, but it's a bit stiff, but my ass did not hurt that much on a two-hour highway driving. In addition, Seat High asked in advance and got an answer, the feet consistent with OEMSeat etc.. So, the most uneasy thing to reach is solved. I am satisfied with both function and shape. However, installation on Motorcycle Body is similar to OEMSeat, it is locked by One-touch and set, but it can not be set while holding it with considerable force, it is inevitably attached to the part that interferes with Body Rubber packing (Also attached to OEMSeat) Although I managed to set it up somehow, still desorption while holding down with a good force. That is the only regrettable part.

F800R I am on the 2015 year ceremony.
I ordered on p & a international 's Page and arrived in about three weeks.

Since I received F800S Seat in the received Manual,
F800S, F800ST, F800GT, F800R basically seems to be a common Seat.

Low seat of Standard Equipment liked the Large strange feeling, but my height decided the exchange to raise the Seat because the bend of the knee is awkward when going out.. He is 178 cm tall and Low seat is Seat high 780 mm.

I got lost as OEM high seat,
I decided to cotch with the price and appearance.
Select EUROStandardSeat. Seat is 820 mm high.

Compared to Standard Equipment's Low seat,
The width of the seating surface became wider, and the subduction became shallow.
As the overall Seat width expands, the foot gets worse than the Seat high, but I was not worried because my foot height was solid with both feet.

BMW had Seat's comfortable feeling of Standard Equipment better than the domestic Motorcycle, so Seat was originally not very tired but,
This Seat is distributed to Beauty, but the buttocks to the butt
Moreover, it became hard to get tired easily.
It seems that Tan Demar could also easily ride.

The bend of the knee which I was interested was also solved moderately.

Also, as the tool holder Bottle comes under Seat,
The load under Seat has also increased slightly (^^).

Although making a SeatReverse side made me feel a little rough,
Mostly I like it.

Select Brown to match with UrbanEnduro. This is very good. High-quality skin learn at a glance. The butt portion is wider than NORMAL, but the shape or feetability is the same as NORMAL.
Space under Seat with LED Light extra. Capacity is almost the same as NORMAL.
The feeling I ran ranked first but I was stiff, but it gets better after I straddle the reputation. If it is NORMAL it will not be burning even if it runs for about 1 hour coming to my mind.
After the order received in the US it was longer production due to manufacturing, but I was able to get items only waiting.