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Sasaki sports club

SASAKI SPORTS CLUB memproduksi sparepart original untuk motor-motor BMW. Mulai dari produk knalpot yan meningkatkan performa motor Anda hingga produk stang motor yang membuat Anda nyaman untuk mengendarai motor BMW milik Anda.

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Ulasan Produk Sasaki sports club

I was worried about several types of Exhaust Bracket, but the price was cheap for me, so I decided on this product. The function was fixed to the Exhaust System, so there was no problem at all, the precision of the mounting dimensions was also perfect.
However, since it is good or bad and function-oriented, there is not much sense of luxury, so those who place importance there will not regret those who choose other products, even if they are somewhat expensive.

Purchase to deal with heat. Originally I removed Cowl properly and wear it with a Double-sided Tape, but I do not fix it, I use it only by removing the minimum of Cowl, sliding it.
Although it can not be said that the heat countermeasure is Large sturdy just by this, I feel that it is quite relieved.
I think that it is good item for people who think that measures against heat are gradually accumulated.
I think that it is not suitable for those who are planning to eliminate one shot. However, I would like to know if there are such things.

Although I tried running about 2000 km with NORMAL, the numbness of the Right hand was inevitably strong, long running was quite painful.
Especially the cruising on the highway was a numbness feeling like disgusting.

With a height of about 165 cm, Handlebar was wide and a little far away, so we first selected this product with AELLA's Handlebar to make a Position change.
I also chose Short because of visual problems, but my body did not get up too much, so it became easy to get on very well.
As a countermeasure against numbness, I was considering installing a bar weight, but it seems that it is unnecessary anymore.

The construction as a product is also very refined, after wearing the Handlebar around it will be black and the feeling will be increased.
Although the price stretches, it is definitely quite satisfactory.

HP2 SPORT 190 / When it is 55 Tire, when I remove STAND it is not easy to escape straight, so I was at first confused.
By slanting slightly when pulling out, you can exit without problems.
I think that it is better if ShaftEnd peace does not rub within Axle when the genus is rubbed a bit more than Shaft.

I would have liked to attach a few images of the bike with the exhaust when I posted the review. Please enjoy the attached images of a really fabulous exhaust system.

I have just installed this exhaust system by Sasaki of Japan on my 2008 HP2 Megamoto in Australia. It is the gentlemen's performance exhaust, not obnoxious and no removable baffle to hound the neighbours but not to be underestimated for its exhaust performance, horse power increase and audible rev anger. 6 kg saving on stocko chromed tin thing due to the full titanium piping and cannister, watch as the ti piping takes on your personal riding style with majestic rainbowing and blue-ing that is characterised by the rider's individuality and forever changing colours. Perfect fit, no concerns with fitting. Will need, however, a revision to the rear cannister mount to be siliconised rubber or some such instead of the solid alu bush to reduce 4th gear gyroscopic engine misbehaviour at 60km/h. Great exhaust, quite a hoot.

Until purchase I went astray at OEM's AXIS RAPOVICH in a historical amount, but I tried picking one that I had wanted to wear once more than before.
First of all, I was surprised at the moment I received it and was about half as light as the OEM.

Sound is OEMExhaust System sound quality rather than treble, but this Exhaust System sounds comfortable bass from Idling. I heard the volume of Idling when I heard the OEMExhaust System sounds a loud noise on the ear hearing Large. I think that it is easy to image because the mounting rate is high as the sound quality that made the bass increased from OEMExhaust System changed to OEM's AXIS RAPOVIIC more than that much lower than that. Japanese Vehicle Inspection Co

The crucial driving performance is not sacrificed at low speed, it is good to raise, and it is a very good feeling like adding it to the OEMExhaust System over the whole area.
However, external exhaust system (OEMAXIS Lapo too) It seems like there's no way to change it, but after Fire has come out quite well.

For Slip-on Silencer it's a little expensive so I got quite lost, but I think that it was a good shopping without regret.

I also saw others' impreses and purchased it.
When installing Tank (Or say, Air cleanerCover? And Cowl around, so it will take a bit of effort, but we do not need processing at the moment, so we are safe around that.
As a result, the heat of Frame which does not touched, even when continuing Knee grip, it became Large durable for about 20 minutes..
This is still a recommended Parts.