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When purchasing second used KSR-1 at Motorcycle shop, we got only the Exhaust Chamber section as omake, I was riding with NORMAL's Silencer, but I was thinking that it would be such a thing well. However, Oil's jumping and clogging etc.. I was concerned and I was looking for a Silencer part only for Universal Product and found it and ordered it..
As a result, it was Large Correct, the installation was completed in about 20 minutes or so, and when I tried running, apparently I could feel that I was up in everything from Torque in the low speed region to the high rotation elongation. Probably this is the performance of the original Exhaust Chamber. I wish I had better replace it sooner (Lol)
However, since Engine is too dangery as it is as it is, I would like to strengthen Tire, Brake, etc.. About it "the difference" I was able to feel it.
Personally, I wanted to hear the treble peculiar to the Exhaust Chamber a little more, but actually it sounds a bit thick (Haha like coon than Caan) So, although it is four stars, it is Large satisfied for performance!

Since it turns around this Chamber very pleasantly and it also has a Torque as it is satisfactorily also about a low speed before the high rotation by a Chamber with the very sufficient engine performance, I think the Muffler of the highest [ this / 2 / KSR] also with the smart remains of a Design and welding by a really quality Muffler.
The victory has been won in this Race in the Race of Kansai. Since growth was different by the Straight end, it became truly quick.
It became the Potential highest by this Chamber and the carburetor of PWK28 pie!! Please try once [

Although it came until it fixed Saki's Motorcycle hard for 20 years and could run somehow, it was made the Spiral which encountered the jam of a Silencer and was found in a Net. It is O as a result of
beyond expectation. It gives up by a somewhat large kana ? grade also about sound, and is considering it as !. Moreover, it can run vigorously and is satisfactory satisfaction!!

I am using it in KSR2.
Although it was a slip-on, slight sound changed to the heavy low and gained in force.
high rotation -- it can blow -- it is good.
If tuned up at an easy price, it will be from a silencer first! However, although it will get used immediately, it is a place called the kana ? in which sound is slightly noisy than expected.
The quality of the product itself which results by a fine portion thinks a quite high thing.

Although it was bolt-on [ of no setting ], it became a powerful more clearly than normal.
The tone quality can run sound volume without constraint so greatly, although it is racy.
Moreover, a style also becomes good and is large satisfaction! .
Since attachment was also a slip-on, it was dramatically easy.

It attached to KSR-II (B6).
Appearance can also be smart and can have been pleasantly blown now to high rotation! Although the up step of the company is also attached, if a mini circuit is run, the chamber of an up type may say.
In case of a down type, a chamber grounds and you are not made to bank not much.