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This muffler is a good sound of bass. It is light and well packaged so there is no worry about breakage. I like the price because it is cheap and delivery is fast.

It was easy to install. Stainless Steel was cheap and good. Although the vehicle inspection does not pass, the sound was a satisfactory finish. Even with Baffle, I think that it is good with a sound that has a coherent bass sound. I was a bit noisy but I did it without Baffle. It feels good to feel the sound even through Helmet.

There is not much Review in Net and quality etc etc. I was worried, but I liked the shape, so I purchased.
The above anxiety was a concern __ ^ ^

The accuracy is also solid and there is no concern in terms of quality.

Although it is a volume of concern, Baffle (Removable) In the state with it was a Large fellow than I thought.

this SCORPION SERKET TAPER Slip-on Silencer very very very nice !!! i love this SCORPION SERKET TAPER Slip-on Silencer,thanks you!!

Purchase this from the classic Exhaust System considering the Exhaust System not found in FOR JAPAN MODEL.
Lightly, looks, of course, the sound is also wonderful Large fun satisfied.
As for the sound, it is Large, so be careful, although Baffle is attached, it is still Large.

Since most external exhaust systems are Carbon or Titanium
Dare to choose the brilliant Stainless. The glaringly reflection of the specular surface is Beauty.
As the caliber is straight with a small caliber, so it's noisy but a good bass feeling berserk.

It is Manufacturer of United Kingdom but perhaps the manufacture is a rebound country
The accuracy of the Screw hole is poor, so even if one of the four holes of the attachment does not work, Screw does not enter straightly
I forbidden to tighten obliquely.
Baffle is so stiff (It will be a safety measure to prevent it from escaping due to exhaust pressure) Plastic hammer hammered with hanghang but the fixing Screw hole did not get too bad with this accuracy.
I finally pulled out with 556 and Pliers.

Do not use Baffle for this Exhaust System, when using the straight, it will be returned to the OEM at the time of vehicle inspection. And maybe you will not use it twice when you return it ...

Since it is an overseas product, I was prepared for explosion and exhaust leakage, but I was lucky for immediate payment and purchased.
Excellent installation precision! No liquid Gasket is required, Silencer and intermediate Pipe can be airtight securely if thermally expanded.
Conversely, if you do not insert it straight, you will get bittened.
In terms of material, it is made more firmly than Heta JAPAN, and the volume is also suppressed firmly.
Although I was preparing for the explosion by watching overseas videos, there seems to be no concern that it will be cleared also without Baffle, I was aiming at the volume up, but it seems that there will be no effect until my own car Appeal to the car. (Lol)

Should buy if in doubt!
I attached it to the MT - 25, but it came smoothly. You can get involved with the engine oil Drain and Filter wearing.
As for installation it can be installed easily without any processing. If it says strongly o2 It is frightened that the code seems to be threaded when wearing and removing Sensor.
Sounds are great. I think that it is a volume that does not seem to be 250 cc, and it runs on the highest public road is not too annoying
About running, it is an amateur 's impression to the end but Torque under is somewhat weakened, but it is a light impression running on the whole. If you do not do secondary AirCut then it will be After Fire