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SCOTT adalah manufaktur pertama di dunia yang memproduksi kacamata goggle sejak tahun 1970 hingga saat ini. Dalam kiprahnya, SCOTT mengembangkan lini produknya hingga mencangkup aksesoris motor seperti grip stang dan riding apparel.

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It is the best fitting I've ever used. There is no storage of Pocket etc, but the texture of the surface is good Simple and you want to use it even if it is not rainy. I will judge the durability from now.

I bought two pairs of OffBoots of AXIS saw and it was cheap so I was looking for a good design because it was used less frequently than before but as Off it is soft and very good feeling. However, to those who are going to Race - - - I think.
From the beginning very ankles will also bend with a good feeling!
It is a bit disappointing that Buckle is a little sluggish.

If you are wearing other people with royal road Manufacturer such as Renthal or Pro grip and you have noticed a variety of Manufacturer - - - Cool, for Off-Road goods Manufacturer of old-fashioned manufacturers, easy to use!
I fixed it with Wiring but the groove through which the Wire passes also is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) There are three places in both, you can fix it to Beauty.
The shape is Half waffle, the part which is FoldFold is half, the part of normal flat asperity is halved.
It is good Grip condition that FoldFold at the top of the image can hit your finger.
The soft Grip gradually tears by receiving Damage manually when installing or causing it from falling. If it is too hard it will hurt my hands while holding it.
On that point, this product was just right..
The image was used for about a year, but there was almost no wear, and when I used Parts cleaner it became clean like a brand new item. It will last forever as long as it is not used for Race.
People who have never exchanged Grip please try it. The surroundings of Handlebar are always in sight so it is effective Large!
You can fix perfectly with glue and it will not stray even if you apply force! Let's prepare when you dismount it is Large strange!

* The picture is attached to the V-CROSS 4.

Formerly Course, now we are using it for commuting.

Creation is Simple, I think that it is suitable for the price.
Goggles Body is light, tightening is just fine although Band has no adjustment mechanism.
Sponge facing the face feels a bit crappy, but it can be used without cloudiness even in winter use.

I think that it would be nice to crush the Goggles as a beginner.

Because it is Simple WhiteBlackColor and Design, I think it will fit the approximate Grip color of Large. The durability is now, but the Print character is not likely to disappear easily. Although the price seems to be a little cheaper, I thought that it was useless because there was a crown of SCOTT.

I found it as a pillar because I could not find the attached photograph even if I searched on Net (Lol)

I was worried that the product photo is now one, but it was a color tailored to Honda's ExtremeRed system properly.

I am happy that PadStandard Equipment.
Even this alone will bring you nearly 500 yen if you purchase separately.

It is a pity that fading is faster than I thought.
Half a year has passed since installation, but you can check the fading of Red already.
Just this hand Grip is so soft that it consumes in a year → change (Forest Road Two Use) Considering it is an acceptable range.

I liked the design very much with the sample photos and I bought it because the price was reasonable, but when I got it I got Grip Pads. It was definitely written when I read the item description well, but it was a pleasant miscalculation. I thought that it was quite a bargain when it comes with Grip Pads.
The softness of Grip is softer than the Grip or OEM for Road, it is not so soft as that of Progrip's earthquake-resistant Gel. It is a feeling that the impression of its softness increases with Grip Pads. I think that it can be changed by taste if you buy 1 Package.
It's not just a Pierced Type so I made Penetrating the end and worn it.
Comprehensively I really liked it.

It is the first Goggles. It is impression of trying using for over a year.

Helmet used on ARAI Tour cross 3.
The Pad part of Goggles is not bothersome at all even if it is using soft and gentle comfort.
I thought foreign-made Goggles would not suit the Japanese, but this Goggles can be used without problem because the angle? Can be adjusted in 4 stages.

The nose part has a Guard and it will not hit the wind. However, this Guard interferes with the Nose part of Helmet. If you try to overlap the Nose part with the Guard, the degree of adhesion of Goggles increases so that the fitting feeling improves, but this may be an interesting person - -

Lens was strong, and he often struck branches and leaves at the time of forest road touring, but Lens did not break and Large scratches did not hurt.
It is Lens which is not cloudy but runs in a forest road of humidity Max in the summer, and when sweat is dull red, it is only slightly cloudy but it is sunny at all other than otherwise.

Sponge of Pad part has come to be somewhat blunt because I use it for over 1 year.

I am using Hard in the forest road, but I still like it because I can use it firmly.