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I chose it with Design and Cospara emphasis..
I chose S Size in Mesh Gloves, but this time it was not so I dare to assume that I will do Inner Gloves "SemiWinter" I made it to Gloves.
It is an impression that I tried using for about a week,
Because I still hear One size Large, between the fingers and the finger a little stiff? (Dangle?) I have a feeling.
Guard the wind from the wrist because the part of the wrist is tied off with a string.
Motorcycle has Hand guard attached, but I feel cold around my thumb even for commuting to about 5 km.
In the area where I live, it rarely goes down 0 degrees even in the midwinter, so I think that I can manage it anyway.
I will buy Inner Gloves if it's useless.

Motorcycles must be concerned about safety. This is essential if your clothing does not have a protector. It is very satisfactory to have four at reasonable price.

Sneakers is easy to wear, but I feel anxiety about toe hurting with Shift change and safety ? ? ?
Boots do not hurt their feet but they are heavy and tiring ? ? ?

This conflicting problem [Color] This product has reached various worries as to whether there are shoes that can be cleared

Easy to wear with Zipper
I also have ZipperCover

It is its lightness that surprised more than anything!

Is good.

Sneakers of the same price and
Somewhat slightly inclined to compare when compared

Well, considering the price is a dish of Large satisfaction.

I bought it before Obon and used it for Touring in Bon Festival.
Thailand Chino's Bo with Shoes When compared with comfort, Side zipper feels like a little uncomfortable feeling, but it's light and easy to use.
The sense of incompatibility of the Zipper part can be deviated by thick socks.
Shift guard's hunting cloth was also there and it did not hurt my feet even if I shopped dozens of times.

It was a situation that I could not say anything that the Side zipper was broken on the first day of use and opening and closing became difficult.
Rather than being broken while raising and lowering the Zipper, he was just holding the Motorcycle to pinch the Footpeg Holder with his ankle while driving the Motorcycle, so when I tried to get off and get off my shoes the Zipper part was already raveled On the way to unravel the string and take off
From the person who holds Motorcycle even with the ankle I think that there is nothing to break if Zipper is on the outside... Well

It was easy to use for the price, but I think that it is also suitable for the price, but next time I would like to try FORMA Cooper or GAERNE's Voyager.

In Casual Look easy to get on Motorcycle is not to compare with wearing Sneakers and Boots etc. I think that it is good. Since there is a black color, Color : Is not it geeky for those who have little fancy strings with Gray?
After that Sole is firmly divided, so you can firmly stepping on footpeg.
Compared to FORMA and GAERNE, COSPA may be good because you can buy three pairs as much as you can buy (If it does not break)

I bought it as Inner of Leather jacket.
ProtectorMaterial has all the standard acquired already in each part.
Even if I sweat it is a quick-drying Material with Large durable Mesh.
Stretch also works with Draping and it is making it considerably Tight.

People are asking Gloves on Off-road, but I think that operability and protection are built up in high dimensions.
There is no Protectivity at all.
The fabric is also thin.
I think as Mechanic Gloves or for Motorcycle Gloves.
Although it may be safe to use it when it is not possible to be absolutely rubbed, I think that for Out-Road it is Out if it thinks normally.

Since Homsen Gloves is concerned about slack in the finger part, it is difficult to operate Clutch, so I made it to S Size which was not in the Size table.
From the number in the Size table, S Size is
Width 10 cm
Overall length 21. 8cm
Sleeve width 7. It will be 6 cm.
The actual size of the hand,
Width 8 cm
Overall length 21. 8cm
Sleeve width 6 cm
I felt tight for a while after arrival, but now I'm not familiar with Grip and I have a sense of security as it has a solid Protector.
Part of the instep side Mesh, the palm side has ventilation holes so it is hard to steam.
I think that satisfaction is high compared with Cost.
By the way, because there is no water repellency, water will stain when used in rainy weather.

Riding shoes is often Gotsui's appearance, but this Shoes is fashionable and Casual. Descending from Motorcycle and walking through the city, I feel no sense of incongruity.
Since SIED comes with Zipper, you can easily wear it.
It is recommended for those who use Motorcycle as a daily foot.