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SCULPTURE adalah salah satu brand dari grup SANCTUARY yang khusus menawarkan sparepart untuk Kawasaki Z1, Ninja, dan KATANA. SCULPTURE fokus pada pengembangan sparepart sasis, seperti segitiga dan swingarm.

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JAZZ only Rear blinker was relocated or changed to Small size, but MAGNA of Uchi was also felt as OEMBlinker was deca (sweat)
Because Bracket was also inaccurate too, it protected it without matching Screw hole and hit it with Hammer somehow arrived ('' : )
Exhaust sound as well as explosion sound (Lol)
Design forgave me for Cool!
By the way Blinker feeling was corrected with bare hands and it was about 3? : )

Although Inner silencer is included at first, it is quite a blast sound that the exhaust system is well removed, and the low speed Torque falls with the gasket.
I think that it is good for the installation in the sense of fashion, but I thought that MAGNA 50 which was originally slow will be further late and Power will be unsatisfactory.
Let's ditch into the installation with Rubber hammer without hesitation when plugging into the Engine. If you do not do it you can not install it properly.
When looking from the back RightBlinker may be hard to check, so it may be necessary to relocate Blinker.

There are various kinds of Stem, but there are two reasons for choosing Sculpture.
First, the mounting angle of Design, Meter is also good

Secondly, it is possible to use Handlebar Lock of OEM Shape.
Your favorite Design and Handlebar Lock There was only this Stem Kit available.

However. It was a pity we had to cut the Plate of Frame for OEM Handlebar Lock during installation.

In loud-sound & explosive-sound-roaring & form, sound and appearance are conspicuous.
Individually, the automobile inspection was a problem although it was favorite.
Although it is natural, it does not pass by sound of this as.
also for carrying out stuffing, it becomes impossible to take out later and meets noting that there is small sound -- it came out and was not able to do by being fearful.
If it purchases, I will consider an original manufacturer's product etc. to automobile inspections as it is better to prepare a small muffler for sound.

By explosive sound roaring, and it is conspicuous and is a degree max class. [ pushing ]
I think that a degree goes up only by attaching this considerably custom.

Although I seldom understand during a run, the presence under stop was overwhelming.
It is and he is smart as high.

They are eight bents of the wonder which exceeds six bents.
It is conspicuous and also seldom worries operativity by a degree max.

Touch called the long American last form.
It will be overwhelmed if it ranks next.