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Even in Oaks around the world no even OEM Product can not be found 28 years ago unpopularity for Vehicle Parts would be better.
Only the product of No Brand which is exhibited in the UK Oak Longhua seems to have Height to see, rainy weather seems to be Large. Also distortion etc. Also you can not check Pass.
Although it is expensive although it has no other choice, I hesitated quite a bit, but thinking that it would not be a mistake in quality if it is made of SECAM, Light smoke is Order.
It was said that Made-to-Order took three months, but it arrived without taking less than two months.
Height is slightly higher than OEM, but it does not interfere with the perspective.
The distortion is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Although it can be seen at the edge of, it has a high lightness, and there is nothing to worry about when driving. It is also highly wind resistant to say rectification.
There is no problem in mounting accuracy.
Just high speed driving in the rainy season (120 km / h), I was a little worried that a small amount of water droplets came in from the upper end of the Cowl surface.
Although it is packing, I laughed because only the surface was wrapped.
Is it France flow?

Put the square under the Side Stand, bring the Motorcycle close to horizontal and hook the hook.
Then, the STAND slightly interferes with the tip of the Fender that is stuck with the OEM.
You can not set STAND unless you force it to push Fender away.
Fender Eliminator Kitetc. Although it seems to be an unrelated problem to the person who is making it clearer, it seems that it seemed to interfere a little bit with De Fault's GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA.

But Body is quite lightweight and easy to carry, so we are satisfied because the operability is also Outclassing.

If you remove Cowl, installation is easy with Torque wrench.
In case of myself, the pedestal of the other company 's Clutch cover of Left overlapped a little, so we added the attached Washer + one more thicker Washer

In reality, the dent under the photo (Shape to avoid other Bolt's head) However, it was not retired and it was connected.
Since it can not be helped, I figured out that I scraped the gorillor with a round file, but the material is durable.

We are looking for a Front stand that does not take up space for storage because it is being maintained at the bicycle parking lot in Apartment.
Although I did not understand how to use at all in the photograph and the explanatory note of the product page, since it was said that it was able to be used without problems with the Impression of others, I bought it with a half-trust.
Even if it arrives, handling Instruction Manual was not attached either. Anyway, when I apply it to Motorcycle, I see.
With the middle stick in the hole of Stem, lifting it on the principle of Lever, the part of the foot naturally supports the upright foot support.
It takes a little power when lifting, but it is enough for function.
Material : Because it is Stainless Steel, I do not seem to worry about Rust.
When used in conjunction with Rear stand, stability feeling seems no problem.
You will be able to exchange Tire and Front fork as well.
I feel that the price may be a little cheaper, but I think that this is only Compact, no other functional one.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
At the end of a certain supply shop at Sale, YAMALUBE RS 4 GP's pail cans were engine oil and Chain oiletc. I bought a bargain Set containing Chemicals.
A similar Cushion was already attached to the set of the pail can, but since Cushion is thin and seated comfort is bad, we purchased a Cushion for a pail can separately.

【How was it actually used?】
Because Cushion that came with the Set of YAMALUBE was called a Cushion, it was a bad feeling of sitting comfort, so I changed it for this Cushion and it got better comfort.
I usually use it as a box for storage, but as some people come and chairs can not sit without suffering even when the chairs are exhausted, it is now possible to make good use of pail cans It was.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I can not complain if I feel comfortable at this price. Or I do not complain..

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]

【Have you compared items?】

Normally I buy Engine oil at most as much as 4Liter cans so there is not much margin in the pail can, but since I was able to get a pail can from a little thing this time I am allowed to use it for Large.
If you buy an Oil, you say that washing is Large strange if you say a pail can, but I will definitely recommend it because it can be used as a useful chair for storage.

I am also solid and able to put STAND on alone.
I think that there is no choice because it will not be a product with a number, but it's a bit expensive.

Used for Warmer winding and Wheel exchange in Circuit.
Transporter got Small, I was suffering from loading, so purchase this product.
Simple STAND, but finishing, ease of use, arrangement is wonderful. Finish beautifully light. Transportter loading is preeminent because its dimensions are Compact.
The disadvantage is stability. Is stability feeling inferior to Large width in Roller type
Let's do until Wheel replacement.
Well, this Type is useless.
Also, the insertion point, the accuracy of the boss is too high Requires kitchen wear.
Those who are considering purchasing please check the system of the insertion mouth well. I can not use it because of a systematic difference