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I bought it instead of Radiator guard.
Material : Because it is Aluminum, Guard can not be done from the big lures such as stepping stones, but I think that it protects from insects and so on. We cut it to the Large size of the Radiator and used the rest for the Duct part of Front tireCover. The color is slightly darker than Kawasaki's Lime green a bit..

This product can not be used in conjunction with Brake switch
You should write in the description
You can use hydraulic pressure
Oil pressure has a lot of failures
You can install it by processing
Since we are writing prohibition of processing and manual, images are not printed

It is for MT - 09, but since Rear around was common, it was also attached at MT - 07.
The former Crab type Brembo also hit everywhere properly.
It was pretty good with a luxurious feeling with Black Anodized.

I do not mistake the quality, but the price is high.
However, the installation will be Fit with Exactly by making solid details.
It looks pretty nice as it looks at the color of Anodized.

I feel that Lever's handful will be Soft slightly. You may as well exchange the master.
Sorry that there was a Small Wound in Caliper Support. I wish Banjo Bolt was included.

The Anodized is also firm and the shape is subtle Curve is exquisite
I can satisfy you face-to-face
I think that you can consider where to break even when you kill it

I think that it is working with Machining, but it is good appearance of the middle.
Cutting traces of End mill are also beautiful ♪
If the price goes to half price it is a place I want to be All 5 (lol

In the former OEMCaliper, this Pin was rusted and replaced
I chose the same color as Body, but it is shining in Caliper's Center with Titanium coating. This will not rust.