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I was dissatisfied with the effectiveness of Brake and Speed ??came out only, so I exchanged disc and Pad because it is dangerous.
From the break-in run, it worked well only with the Front brake, and it became possible to stop as expected.
Even if you give out Speed, it stops with confidence, and it got cooler.

Cospa is nice.. Quality is same as OEM..
I have been using more than 20000 km in commuting, but there is no problem.
However, instead of reducing PAD a little faster
Braking force is up.
It also looks good, so I will also Repeat.

Pulley cover of Plating which had been attached before corroded, even if it polished it became cloudy, so I exchanged it.
However, there are only two Screw holes for installing this Cover. Top and bottom Quantity : It stops at 2 pc.
I think that there is no way out but something uneasy. There is a dent for Bracket in the upper place, Belt inside can be seen from there.

I attached the same thing, but corroded, even if I brushed, I replaced it because it got dull.
The installation is simple because it is only attached with Double-sided Tape, it is easy, but the thing is slightly distorted so it will feel like the bottom will float when the top gets stuck. Warm it up and install Large if it is durable.
Since Double - sided Tape is only available for sorry, Let 's stick it firmly afterwards.

It is also a hand to stop up and down with Tie Wrap.

Corroding of Covered Plating with it became severe, so I replaced it.
I think that the price is cheap for making.
I am satisfied..
I'm happy to have SmokePlating out colors.

I replaced it because the plating cover which was originally attached was quite dirty and corroded.
If possible, I'd be happy if you could get SmokePlating

If there is a hole in the middle with amateur thinking, the air resistance also decreases and I purchased it with einjane degree, one year has passed.

Even a car inspection is not told, no matter how many years I have been doing, I have played the function as a Blinker as well as a year, and there is no ball out.

It will melt in a few minutes when installed near the exhaust port of the Exhaust System (1 pc. Melted w) Let's think about the installation location well.

Blinker interior becomes cloudy when humidity comes out due to the rain in the summer so we can not recommend it for nervous people.

I think this is cheap because it is this price with 4 pieces.

The appearance braking power is good
However, it will not fit unless a new Pad is cut (Since it does not enter even if Piston is pushed in all, it shaved) Rotor's making was Zatsu and there were a lot of parts such as the end that had been scraped before painting