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Sena menawarkan alat komunikasi nirkabel bluetooth dan sistem perekam video yang dirancang untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Anda saat berpetualang. Model flagship-nya adalah 30K, SMH5 yang cocok untuk berkomunikasi dengan penumpang. Selain itu, ada beberapa pilihan lainnya yang menyesuaikan dengan tujuan dan kebutuhan Anda.

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Purchased Dual and arrived on November 18. When opening it quickly and checking the product, there was a stuck in one Dial, and it was hard to push Button. Immediate replacement request. After compliance is completed, I will review review again.

Intercom has also become the fourth machine. I change it once every three years from my experience. I think that everything is a lifetime. The best thing compared to other Manufacturers this time is 20S Although new 30K is out although the performance is usable and 20S is capabilityally superior or not, though other companies have considered though, considering various kinds of information Go to 20S (^-^) g "" Manufacturer warranty has been extended to two years. Usability is easy to use with Dial expression because MSH 5 still uses it. Other functions also saw various YouTube and Instruction Manual etc, but 62-year old granddae seemed to be ripe somehow, so I bought it. Certainly performance has also caught up with the ideal compared with the past, it is an expensive thing, but it became an essential necessity.
I expect to keep it until the time I get off Motorcycle. ('∀ `)

It is a replacement from SMH 10. Basic operation also does not change, it is good! I think that performance and use are considerably getting better! There is no mistake, FOR JAPAN MODEL is genuine!

Riding spot: Riding Spot touring carrier Off-road line Product number: W-RSPT-026KAWASAKI /KDX220SR loading-platform length of 210 mm : Maximum width of 280 mm

In order to attach a top box, it attached to 99 cbr600f.
It does not compare with the other company at the time of purchase, but although purchased, structure is also solid and it is satisfied.
Without removing a tandem bar, it can equip and is convenient.
A bolt only exchanges an attached thing as it is pure.
Since the load hook is also attached as the photograph, it becomes easy to carry out loading at the time of touring.
Since it can use also as Bar of tan DEMA, it is pleasing.
Seemingly, it will be easier to hold than pure Bar.

It attached to XLR250R.
Attachment was satisfactorily completed in bolt on.
Structure was also thickly solid and loading of a large load of paint application was also satisfactory at all.

It attached to DR-Z 400S.
[Good point] It seems to be strong.
If a color is seen with a carrier simple substance, it is not quite satisfactory, but it is satisfactory if it sees in the state where it attached.
A load carrying face product is loud.
Pure tool BOKKU is attached.
[Bad point] The shortage of explanation of an instruction manual is worrisome too.
If it often reads, it understands, but I want you to attach a picture.
Why doesn't a maker improve? In the mounting arrangement given in the instruction manual [related with attachment], when the temporary stop was first carried out from the rear side, it was, but when the temporary stop of the rear side was carried out first, the nut by the side of a front did not enter straight, and it was not able to carry out the temporary stop of it.
When carrying out the temporary stop of the front side previously, to the smooth, the rest is attachment and it completed it in about 30 minutes.
Since he thought that it was attached simply when even the manufacturing precision of the carrier was satisfactory, I thought that the design itself was satisfactory.
Since he buys it and thinks that it was good, it is a recommend.

I bought it for installation on Jet type of SHOEI. I removed the Pad and installed it without difficulty. The appearance and the feeling of use are also very good feeling.