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Shark helmet

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○ Purchase motive
Currently suffered Helmet (OGK Kabuto RT-33) Three years have elapsed after purchase, the interior has become a little loose, so I reviewed the new Helmet.
In the case of RT-33, I tried Sunglasses every time but I decided to look for conditions with detaching labor and strings with Sunshade which does not press on temple. With Sunshade, the Snell standard also assumes rabbits that are SG Standard of Hankyu Japan and ECE 22 - 05 certified EC standard.
However, it seems to be a problem whether the internal shape of the cap body fits Japan-style head or not, but I thought that it would be possible to obtain a certain degree of Fit feeling unlike a thin Cushion for for Motorcycle.
Although there is only XL choice for Size (Lol).
○ Survey of Helmet
I was interested in France 's Shark' s Helmet at the international mail order site.
There was Evo One 2 where Chin guard switches to Full face and Jet type Helmet and Skwal 2 which charged LED lights in front and back. Both are with Sunshade.
Fortunately there was a lot of detailed setup animation of Helmet including desorption of the interior and it was able to check the form of the hat and Cushion.
Shark 's Helmet has been decided as Skawal 2 with LED ECE 22 - 05 certified and affordable with LED. Design and colors were chosen from the cheapest price w. It is a color for Kawasaki but w.

〇 Purchase
I bought it from the overseas mail order site and it took about 1 month to arrive. Included Parts : Is Helmet Bag, Pinlock Transparent Seat. USB Cable for charging, 5 year warranty card. Manual CD. And before and after Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Seal class of fluorescent reflective material cut so as to stick to.

◯ Usability
HelmetBody weighed 1,620 g. Is not it light weight as with the Sunshade mechanism and Lithium ion battery.
Charging with attached USB Cable and pasting Pinlock went out to testRide.
Feeling that Helmet wears Cheek pad is thick and feels cramped narrowly, but feel of interior is soft and there is Cushion so I do not feel tight.
Quantity of the back of the head body : Pair (for Left and Right) I feel a little pressure on the corner, but I did not feel pain or pressure feeling while wearing it for about 1 hour Small. You can feel lightness even if you get a good feeling of Fit.
Even if InnerSunshade is not lowering the large shield, the wind will not come in.. When it is JAPAN, the gap between NoseShield and Sunshade is Large and the nose can be seen.
If you close the shield it is silent over RT-33 coupled with a narrow neck.

In my case there was no problem at all. I could finish with the same Size as domestic Helmet. I was satisfied because there were no scratches, but the box was called Lounis.

What I have is MODEL with different coloring, but it is a wonderful Helmet.
First of all weight is quite light. Is not it the same as 1250 g and Carbon Helmet. For that reason it is very tiring and less tiring. Ventilation is also wonderful, you can see well that the wind enters the inside of Helmet. So it's comfortable even in summer. The visibility is also wide, and it is perfect.
There are two kinds of Nose guard parts, for spring and summer and winter - You can use as appropriate for Circuit. Of course, even if you use things for winter in the summer, there is no problem at all. It would be nice to use them here as you like. Space is inside so that Speaker can be attached. There is a gap in the Cheek Pad part so that Glasses can also be put on.
If you dare to mention the problem, this is expensive MODEL so you wanted Pin Lock Seat to be equipped with heavy equipment. It is not only this MODEL that SHARKHelmet does not have Standard Equipment? But I do not think I will buy it because Shield etc. are high.
Since the wind comes in, it is not cloudy while driving.