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Shell Advance telah merancang berbagai jenis produk untuk model motor dan gaya berkendara yang berbeda dengan produk-produk yang terdiri dari pelumas motor 4 tak, motor 2 tak dan sekuter.

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I installed it in Handlebar.
Small Chihiro 's Clamp then was too small, I used the for Inch, but this time I got a gap and needed to pinch the Cushion rubber.
Attention is needed for a bar of a different type.

Maintenance is necessary at regular intervals, as is also noted in the notice, sometimes becomes hard during use.

I made a firm purchase to use it for preventing theft such as Back. Helmet is OK if you use it through DRing. It is short to fix Back to Motorcycle.

Helmet lock of ZEPHYR 1100 was near the Left Rear suspension and it was hard to use, so I purchased this product.
As usual it was over a Right Mirror for a short time, but I was still worried
I attached it to the Right Side of Handlebar, but it will easily turn around even if you tighten in Yuruyur at your impre street. So I could fix it as Firmly after squeezing in advance prepared Cushion Tape.
It looks as though it looks black, so it is not noticeable.
Afterwards it is said that movement will be bad unless Maintenance is done, so I do not know what the durability is but because the price is cheap.

Grom 's Helmet holder is a type that removes Seat, so it is hard to use. So, many of us want to purchase Helmet holder separately, Honda's OEMParts catalog also has Helmet holder. Although it is made by KITACO, it is a bit high with price 3024 yen.
Honda's way of getting a user to buy an Option Helmet holder separately, adding a useless helmet holder to the Motorcycle makes me angry. If you are looking for somewhat cheap things, Design is also a beach, not noticeably attached to Refreshing, and the price is cheap (About half of KITACO) This product was found. When ordering immediately, the item received was made by DAYTONA. DAYTONA thought that there was no mistake, I tried installing immediately.
By the way, there are only cheap commodity, both of LargeSmall two Clip are too large for Grom 's Handlebar. Just like this, it is a good thing, cut the Elastic band, paste it on the Reverse side of the Clip, take it and it will OK. Installation is quite easy, but only Hexagonal Wrench is necessary.
I attached it to the Left Side of Handlebar. It is frosted black, so it fits like an OEM. Looks satisfied. Try adding a helmet to the trial. I will hit Tank, but since it is used when I am parking, there will be no problem.
To multiply Helmet, insert the key and use Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It's easy to handle because it only turns 90-degrees to either..
I thought that this was cheap and I did a nice shopping, and when I entered the test running, I got out with a faint sound with Pushing Pushing ___ ___ 0. Because there is play in the part of Hook, it seems that it is producing sound by vibration. Those who are concerned may be good products a little higher.

I bought this Helmet lock as I bought Predator Helmet which is occasionally mentioned in the Net neighborhood of Motorcycle relation.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Predator Helmet bought in overseas mail order did not have D-can for Helmet holder, because I had anxiety about Security side, I had to buy it because I needed it.

【How was it actually used?】
Even if Predator Helmet, which is larger than the ordinary Helmet by Large, goes along Limit.
Also Vinyl coating is done so it is better not to worry that the Helmet will be scratched.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
When I think that it is disappointing, it is time when I was stolen, I thought it was the thickness of the Out feeling if I could bring up a big Wire cutter.
If we keep Helmet fixed to Motorcycle and leave for a long time 1 pc or more Quantity : I think that it is useless unless you increase 2 pc.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I think that if there is a thing of Wire which is about the same about Length or a little longer Type and about 2 more rounds, I feel more secure..

【Have you compared items?】
nothing special

Although I did not hear much in the past, in recent years I heard that the security has deteriorated due to the inflow of Large in disparity society and foreign foreigners, the spread of NetOakion which can be resolded, and Helmet is stolen successively.
If we reduce the Risk that Helmet is stolen and will not be able to return from the destination, we think that we should defend ourselves using such Wire and Helmet holder.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
In the past I used a type Helmet holder tightening with the Clamp of the Master cylinder made by KITACO, but for the sake of convenience it looked like an alternative thing because it looked so bad looking, I found and purchased the Helmet holder of Midge which seems to be easy to use in Simple.

【How was it actually used?】
As a Holder application, it is possible to use it normally without being impossible.
However, as described in the Package, it seems that we must regularly lubricate with Spray for the keyhole, and the movement of the key felt a bit awkward from the beginning of purchase.

【Mounting was difficult?】
Installation is easy with the hex of Wrench.
Those who are not used to attaching this hand are HolderBody, Bracket, tools etc. It would be better to curl so as not to hurt the car body by dropping it.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
22. I attached it to a 2 mm diameter Handlebar, but the fixing force to Handlebar is weak, Holder will move easily by hand.
That is a problem with that, so we have fixed a thin anti-slip tape on the Bracket on the HolderReverse side.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
The lack of fixing force to the above Handlebar was disappointing.
It is ruined though it is a good helmet holder.
I was seriously considering going to incombustible garbage until I found a thin type anti-slip Tape at Home center.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Anyhow, please fix it to Handlebar.
I think that it is impossible to hang an expensive Helmet with confidence if the Helmet holder itself seems to move up and down with a slight force.

【Have you compared items?】
Size is small Small Helmet holder which is all unified with Black from keyhole to Holder part is this there is nothing compared..

I think that if the fixing force to the Handlebar and the durability of the keyhole are managed somehow it will be the best product.
It is true that it is overdoing a bit.

I attached it to the Handlebar, but as I was driving, I was annoyed, so I immediately removed it. It is unknown whether it is manufacturing error or originally, but it seems that there is no problem with the function as a lock.

This product is installed in the Handlebar Right Side, locked with D camp while holding Helmet on Mirror.

I use Wire when D can not reach.

I think that it will be useful in those who can not use Helmet lock with Side bag or when it is Tandem.

Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Usability is good as it can be opened and closed both.
I think that there are no drawbacks especially with subjectivity.