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SHIFT merupakan produsen perlengkapan berkendara yang menunjang penampilan Anda saat melakukan aktivitas berkendara mulai dari motocross hingga berpetualang. Perlengkapan motocross SHIFT memiliki berbagai variasi warna, desain, dan harga yang bersahabat sehingga memiliki banyak peminat dari seluruh dunia.

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SHIFT 's Grade' s Gloves, since I liked using the same colors until the last time, so I took it before Catalogue fell Quantity : 2pc. Set bulk buying (Lol)
Although it can not be expected to be Protection so much, it is very breathable, Silicon of the fingertip is also highly durable. I felt the durability is also high with the thumb base part where the hole often opens.

It is sad to buy an expensive senior Grade and immediately open a hole, so it is a dish you want to use for the rest of my life.
(I should have bought only stocks ? ? ? )

I bent NORMAL's Lever, I thought that I could get it without ordering in Shop, it turned out to be able to buy it here. For foreign car rides, it is very difficult for parts procurement to be easy, exchange shortening at hand. Fitting has no problem at all and operability is improved. Off Lever of one car exceeds 5000 yen, although a slight dissatisfaction remains, it is easy to procure Route □.

It is a famous German magra in the bicycle world
I feel that reputation is not very good in Motorcycle circles.

Because it is Radial, it has a slight angle
It is hard to get in the way of Knuckle guard.
Brake fee Ring has Piston diameter 11 mm and Small
I think that there are plenty of fun. Thanks and messed up
I felt the air bleeding would not end even when it passed.
In KLX even people of Off-roadMain 12 mm (OEM+1mm) I also think that it is good.

Banjo bolt is under the MASTER.
Since this does not appear with an off car, there is a possibility that problems may come out depending on circumstances.

Large There are problems,

You can choose whether Reserver tank is sold separately or separately. This is fine.
However, Standard has Elbow for separate expression
I need to remove this person and install the direct attachment tank
This Elbow is too hard and can not be removed anything in any way
I tried to remove it while twisting with Pliers while curing it was torn out.
As a result, Elbow remains remained in the hole was removed while carefully melting it with Hot knife.
Also, although it is a drawback related to direct attachment, let the O-ring bit in the mounting hole.
This O-ring does not fit snugly into the groove and it is fixed
Even if it is pushed into a hole, it will repel and come back.
While pushing it by Tank, we tightened Screw by regulation Torque and crushed it,
Seal will be done by keeping the collapsed condition to a certain extent
In that state, there is a gap like picture 2.
This is the story I heard formally from an agency.
I am worried about whether Seal is really done.

Also, although the angle of Tank can be changed,
Besides Lever's angle, there is interference with the Breeder plug and there is not much flexibility.

Finally, when I inquired this agency to the agency,
If you are worried about doing it yourself, I was able to proceed with Pro shop
When requesting repair of the product of another Magura previously purchased at a store,
There is something told me to send to the agency.
When problems arise in the future, I will be concerned about the location of responsibility.

It has a brighter color than the product Image. It is difficult to convey by letter, but it is bright dark Blue. Since it changes color as it is photograph.
Actual Large crime is about 4. 4 cm width 6. It was 8 cm..

Since 15 cm seemed to be exactly good for Swingarm, I bought it, but there is a Clear part so as to cover the character part, and the actual size of the character part after pasting is about 2 vertically. 3 cm width 13. It was smaller than I thought it was 8 cm. I will not put it on Swingarm so much, so I will stock and put it on another place.

HelmetBody was FOX ~ ~ Until now it was an old VFX of showay so there are quite a difference, I tried from L to XL, the result was Exactly, it is quite lighter, even if I roll it is Large durable? Was.

I bought it for the first Off-road Gloves purchase, function, design, but I made it to purchase. First of all, after trying on the product, I thought that I felt a sense of comfort and wearing. Even if I sweat, I feel comfortable with a smooth feeling, and when I look closely, there is a small ventilation hole in the palm part.
I think that it is a nice Gloves that touches the details.

Purchase Jersey according to the original Pants of Shift you are wearing.
The color is also vivid and well conspicuous.
I like Cool anyway!