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SHIFT UP menyediakan berbagai sparepart untuk motor mini seperti Monkey, Gorilla, Dax, Chaly, dan lain-lain. Bodywork buatan SHIFT UP memiliki desain yang unik dan performa mesin bore up, kaliper rem, dan suspensinya sangat direkomendasikan untuk modifikasi.

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Ulasan Produk SHIFT UP

He bought with POCHITSU cable need.
To be sure, appearance is Good.

In play was seen and it purchased as appropriation parts to a choinori.
Although attached by bolt-on, the size of a thickness ? spline part had a being delicate difference, and there was some shakiness... (although it was also in in play [ of other Ho ]) Since shakiness was worrisome, shakiness was pressed down with the washer.
When it could do, although he wanted to put in inside, it bore on the relation top outside of the spline.
The washer was made from about 3 mm in thickness, about 26.5 mm in width, and the bore diameter of 16.2 mm.
Since it was appropriation, it was considered as such evaluation, but the thing itself is very satisfactory.
(Fuel consumption and an engine sound improved.)

It is the touch in which the circumference of the front which admiration had became tight lightly.
A price is also handy, and if a variation occurs, I would like to purchase to setting.

It is cheap, and since it is consumable goods, it uses like crazy.
Even if it can delete and becomes useless, the price which is not regrettable is glad.

It is a compact design which does not become obstructive, and clearance can also be taken all the time and it is the highest rather than placing under a frame.

笙ェ which is the touch which may change the impression

It is the highest.
RONSUI and a degree-of-comfort balance also became good nonchalantly.

Since there was a [Webike-monitor] clerical error, it is correction.
The spacer for adjustment was the thing contained in the direction of caliper support.
Please keep in mind that it is only a set of a caliper body and a breeder.
I made you trouble.