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Last year I did not get much on Motorcycle so I bought it for Battery's status check
It seems that there is no problem though it is Battery purchase in 2012
Because Hokkaido can not ride in winter season it is saved that there is a storage MODE
It was expensive exclusive Charger, so it took five years to make a purchase decision

3 SHORAI mounted vehicles, one purchased for check because it entered the fifth year
Charged with one Button, complete without error.
Battery seems to be unnecessary.

To the contrary lonesomely that neither Battery nor Charger can handle it ...

Up to now, supplementing Battery was a troublesome task.

Gold amount is not cheap, but now it's easy to do with special items.

Do your best Made in Japan ♪

http : / / imp. webike. net / commu / diary / 0135130 /

It is easy to connect to Battery, charging can be done while loading Battery in Motorcycle, saving you time and effort.
Originally with Option directly charging Cable, if you put it on Battery and put it on Motorcycle, you do not have to remove Battery's Wiring and charge it one by one.

I bought it for use with Battery which is the 2nd year of using. In Instruction Manual I think that it is easy to use without particular deficiencies. Because price can be used other than SHORAIBattery, I think how about Cost performance, but if you use it all the time it is Recommendation.

Because the Instruction Manual is subtle, I was charging and worrying. It was disappointing as I wanted to install in Motorcycle at 100%, because the Charger Body also had no Battery remaining Indicator, depending on the Timing of removal, the remaining amount would be 80%.

BMW S1000RR is lighter and Battery is also small

Also in the Instruction Manual "Please be sure to get on the moon 1" When (Lol)
* It seems that current always flows at a small amount

Battery has also been changed so purchase for long term storage

Although it was said that SHORAIBattery is unnecessary in normal use, since it is a Motorcycle play with heavy use of Cell, it is an essential Battery charger for users who usually do not ride Motorcycle as usual and ride occasionally,. We have abundant Service manual and Option Parts so we can use Battery with confidence - I think I can manage Charger.
On the back, there is Hanger hook, so you can wall hang like the photo, so Body is also Small so you can contribute to space saving.