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Touring Maps yang diterbitkan oleh Shobunsha adalah salah satu benda yang wajib dimiliki oleh para rider di Jepang. "Touring Maps" menyajikan informasi lengkap mulai dari lokasi pom bensin, hotel, restoran, dan tempat wisata bagi Anda yang ingin touring sambil menikmati indahnya Jepang.

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PRO GRIP:#480 lever-grip product number: -- the vehicle type wide use goods corresponding to 74895 merchandise information -- detailed -- color:red inside diameter: -- 10phi die-length: -- please do not let * solvent adhere 75 mm
- Lever grip which also controls vibration that it is hard to slide.

It purchased to Super duke which feels numbness for a palm.
The type containing a gel is chosen for oscillating mitigation.
Geometrically, it is what is called a barrel type.
It seems that I am not suited although the barrel type was used for the first time.
He attached this grip and he has noticed that it grips centering on the place near the thumb.
Sense of incongruity was felt for the palm, and it was not pleasant and carried out.
A design and structure are good and satisfactory as goods.
He was not only suited.
Since vibration absorption is good truly, I would like to try a straight-shaped thing on entering a gel.

It compares that it is pure, or he becomes, and a hand does not get tired easily.

Since it was change from a pure grip, it was felt good.
Do as soon as [ future passes ]?

I think that vibration is reduced by a thicker grip.
It has merely worn out within half a year.
Although durability is anxious, probably, a grip is OK with consumable goods.

He is simply smart.
Although it was dt50, but at least atmosphere changed very.

Although I think that it may be said that the old grip was cracked, a gripping feeling when it grasps is the highest.
Since it is a penetration type, bar end is also attached.
There is touch that vibration is reduced from normal.
www which a hole opens to the place where the thumb by the side of an axel hits in about two months in my case although I think that durability changes considerably by frequency in use and an operating condition -- it was wearing out gradually, and touch was felt in about one month, and it was an instant.
I think whether for the amount of money to be also cheap, and to be a satisfactory level if rate OFF is used since it is consumable goods.

He is smart.
It is satisfied.