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SIDI adalah produsen sepatu olahraga unggulan yang telah berdiri sejak tahun 1960. Produk SIDI yang terdiri atas sepatu boots riding, racing, dan motocross memiliki desain mengombinasikan aspek fungsional dan kenyamanan yang dibalut dengan desain hasil inovasi terbaru.

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I used SIDI CROSSFIRE 2 from the beginning, but I felt a bit Large when I was a thin Socks, I purchased SIDI CROSSFIRE 3 SRS.

Fortunately this time, the User of the same product was near, so I was able to try and wear that person's Boots.

I usually wear Sneakers 26. 5. CROSSFIRE 2 likes 43, but I tried wearing 2 Size Small 41. However, I can put on! The toes also feel JUST. In addition, although SIDI has a tendency that the width of the foot is narrow and the inner side face of the foot per arch is squeezing, there is any tendency, but this product worn by trial is less compressive than CROSSFIRE 2.

I bought 41 with reference to the result of trial shoes.

I think there are individual differences, but my Boots feel somewhat cramped than the one I tried but can be worn without problems. It does not hurt even if I keep wearing it for a day.

The point I like because of the difference with CROSSFIRE 2 is the softness of the ankle! The familiarity is fast! In addition, there is a locking mechanism that prevents the ankle part from bending more than necessary, but this is not quite effective because Shell is so soft It is. On the contrary, I do not feel a sense of incompatibility locked by not working, I like it as well. I think SRS seems to be clearer as well.

CROSSFIRE 2,3 Speaking of common dissatisfaction, hard resin Parts is used on the arch of the inner side of the Boots, but I think that there are times when you can hurt RANCase due to the hardness of this Parts. Off I think that few people complain about scratches on a car ride but people who do not want to hurt may prefer Boots other than SIDI.

There is such a small complaint, MachineMachine does not exist to other manufacturers Spartan Style! Except for the price, I am 5 ★ evaluation.

Filtration accuracy including OEM is unknown, but it is not qualitatively impossible,
Oil exchange MalossiFilter is exchanged in two cycles.
In my case, I detached easily with Water pump pliers.

A very satisfying pair. There is texture, rigidity, bending flexibility only in the anterior-posterior direction and satisfaction not obtained with the off-road boots that we wore so far.

Size, but after all my own Sneakers 26. 5 corresponding to 5 (26. 5 to 27. 0 equivalent) purchased.

My feet are not high and wide in width, but I do not feel Small Saku in the vertical direction of the foot sole of Boots, it is just right Size without toes hit with thick Socks.

Conversely, I also felt cramp in the horizontal direction also in GAERNE this Boots. It is probably purchased with 1 Size, 2 Size Large Size that everyone is concerned about.

But the cramped side was pretty familiar with Touring one day wearing freshly drawn books Boots. I feel like familiarizing when walking around Buckle when I get off Motorcycle. This Boots is saved because the ankle is so soft that it is easy to walk (^-^)

The height of the instep is Just fit to me, but the Takashi Kinoe may not be comfortable to wear comfort coupled with the cramped width, or it may be painful to be pressed from the instep to the inner side of the foot.

Choose Size carefully.
Because it is high shopping, it is a pair to strongly recommend trying on!

Notation is for Vortice, but what I received is for MAG 1 and not compatible. I did not try it right away, but I am bad, but I'm disappointed that I purchased two too. I strongly hope for improvement.

Buy us first Racing boots.
It will be the 3rd month!

When measuring the size of the foot
- Length 24 cm (I can not think of male Size (lol) )
- width 9 cm (Small from the base of the finger to the base of the thumb)
- Height 6 cm (The highest place of the instep of the foot, per base)
- Ankle 21 cm (Ambient)
- Calf 35 centimeters (Ambient)

Always buy shoes Size
- "26. 5 cm "

Size purchased this time
- 【42 (26. 5 cm)

Sometimes I purchase for the first time, when I purchase Boots I've heard about buying one centimeter Large texture from Size I usually buy, but I am afraid that Oversized will be (I hate loose) Buy Size every time I purchase Size.
The feeling I wore was not a problem where the feet fit apart, in a space with a reasonable play Very well Fit feeling was the best!

"Sole is hard !!"
There is no Insole at all. Walking in a shishi and shock coming to Direct with Direct, walking comfort is not quite good ...

Therefore, although it is individual subjectivity, I think that Insole is mandatory.
Insole based on ergonomic cap of Net (1 centimeter height of heel, 5 mm fingertip) I bought it!
It was incredibly fluffy walking comfort and I was very satisfied but the space inside the Boots narrowed to Gyungyun in a stroke, "Kitsui" One word of ...
I thought I should have bought Size 1 centimeter large size under the assumption of Insole ... ^^; (Study whether to make Sole thinner)
I am just like Hold so I like it! (When wearing it is Large strange but ...)

The ride comfort was because the Sole was stiff at the beginning so there was no feeling of footpeg at the beginning so I was afraid when attacking the pass but when it got used to it, it was so soft that it was so soft that I felt it was hard to get on (Lol)
Because it holds up to calves, so you can ride steadily for long distances so you are using it widely ^ ^
Frequently mentioned Boots "Hardness" Since he knew only about this, he did not understand well, he borrowed his fellow Boots and compared each other!

Fellow Boots
- Berwick BOT-1239
- Xpd XP-3S

But anyway Berwick and Xpd are soft !!
I was convinced that these two are exceptionally good operability (Lol)
So I think SIDI ST will enter into a rather hard class!
Shift change and Brake etc were not very sensible at the beginning, but it was pretty scary but it is really easy to use when you get used to it ^ ^

And design with presence more than anything is cool anyway!
Making details and Protect is too perfect ^ ^
With this price it is convincing!

【MinusPoint】 If you raise
- It is difficult to walk (It's hard, when you walk it 's strange sound' Gyugyugu ')
- Size is hard (It is a story that I should have bought 1SizeLarge stuff, but there are individual differences)
- Lots of process takes time when wearing (See the expanded image)

It may be only me, but if I walk for a long time, the inner Boots gets scratched and hurts around the calves ...

Regarding sound, there are countermeasures as written in everyone's impression, and I think that it is getting better if I become familiar with the scraping of the calves and I think that it is comprehensively very good Boots ^ ^

Although it is a personal subjectivity to the last, I think that you can refer to Motorcycle life so that you can find the Boots that matched yourself Large ^ ^

PS : We are doing an instance, but there is no doubt that the design with presence is a picture ^ ^

It takes time for SettingOthers
After setting it is 11500 at high speed (Always red) I was able to run at 136.
The fuel economy can run only about 280 km at high speed. It is about 500 km in town..
Oil is not good at NORMAL. High-octane Spec.. NORMAL is not allowed for Plug.
Others There are various but it is fun to pursue?

Always struggling to push the hem of Pants all the time, this Boots is easy! Thanks to the diagonal Zipper, I can wear it quickly with little possibility.
Design is - - - I am happy just with SIDI's Logo. (Lol)
The comfort has been used conventionally (Nankai Original, Dainese etc.) It is slightly harder compared to, but this neighborhood is where there are individual differences.
Next time I will buy SIDI.

It is a replacement from SIDI's fusion, but it is completely different from the moment I wear it.
In the case of fusion, it is hard to do a Shift operation unless you do a little break-in, but if you do this you can run without getting used to it.
I think that the feeling of Size is comparatively shaped to Japanese foot.
Regarding this Series, it is easy to adjust to Just because it can be finely adjusted.