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SIEBENROCK adalah ahlinya sparepart mesin motor klasik BMW flat twin 2 katup selama lebih dari 25 tahun. Sparepart mesin SIEBENROCK dapat meningkatkan tenaga dan torsi mesin flat twin motor 800cc hingga 1000cc.

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Sangat kompetitif sekali website ini, bisa jadi jembatan antara penjual dan pembeli antar negara. Website mudah dipahami, tidak ribet, hanya saja sempat bingung terkait status pengiriman, apakah barang tersebut sudah di packing, atau belum. tips : ada fitur chat antara pembeli dan pedagang, supaya pembeli bisa request order pesanan yang (mungkin) tidak dimuat di dalam website.

I bought it for Mount of PowerVision.
It is recommended with mounting holes with PowerVision Body and Exactly.
I am satisfied with how things are made, but the price is somewhat expensive.

Because Ninja 1000 is a Separate handle, there is no place to fix Accessories around Handlebar.
Mount Bracket eliminates this problem by tightening Bracket to Handlebar by Bolt. Currently we are installing SYGN HOUSE 's Power cable only, but there are plenty of space to install other things.
Price is also cheap and easy to install, so it is a good product.

I searched Clamp for GARMIN's Navigation 550 relocation, but this was the only thing that was decent. Because the price was high, it was the last option of choice but purchased. I adjust it while tightening a solid body with HexaBolt, but there are those of Size that I do not have Wrench in it, and I have to carry the attached Wrench for adjustment etc. during driving. Impression of trying to install is "Athletic. Is it. The handle is a bit longer but I do not mind too much vibration while driving. I thought that it would be better if the price is cheap with this texture so so.

Purchased to be attached to the 2017 Ninja 1000.
I attached it without problems.
Currently I use it to fix Navigation and Helmet lock on LeftHandlebar.
I am considering attaching it to Right Handlebar for fixing Gopro.

I was using the same thing before a small change, Bracket's spring fixing the smartphone in the second year broke, I can not fix the smart, so I replaced it.
I have been exposed to direct sunlight and rain for two years, so I expect to have this for two years.

I bought it for the ActionCamera installation.
Although accuracy and texture are not a problem, tools are required every time to change the angle and position.
Also, Hexagonal Wrench is Inch size, you can not adjust it unless you carry the supplied Wrench..

If you can easily adjust the position without tooling, I think that the usability will be better.

Used for R1100RT at Exclusive Design by vehicle type. In the attached Bolt I could not install because the Length was insufficient. Bolt needed a long All Screw, it was not possible to procure in the neighborhood and extra expense was needed. Others, 3G Model 360 degree stepless angle adjustment, which is the sale of goods, no matter how strongly tightened Screw, it can not be fixed with Snap and it is troubled by turning around with a crash. It looks good, but it is a regrettable item.