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SK11 adalah salah satu lini produk Fujiwara Sangyo. SK11 menawarkan beragam hand tool untuk perawatan motor Anda seperti obeng, kunci, soket, dan masih banyak lagi.

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Ini merupakan alat ratchet handle yang sangat compact ,dengan ukuran tubuh yang seukuran ¼ tetapi memiliki kekuatan di ⅜ dan dengan quick realese sehingga mudah berpindah untuk menggunakan breaker bar sebagai pengencangan akhir

这个护腰的包裹性和防滑性都不错,对于经常骑车长途旅行的人比较有帮助。在腰部劳累的时候束上这个护腰,能有效减轻腰部的疼痛,缓解疲劳。但是还请大家不要长时间佩戴,个人感觉不要超过2~3个小时吧,否则可能会影响部分脏器和肌肉的血液循环。 另外这个虽然看起来很透气,但是实际还有会加重一些腰部的出汗。 This belt has good wrapping and slip resistance, which is helpful for people who often travel long distances. When you are tired at the waist, you can put on this waist, which can effectively relieve the pain in the lower back and relieve fatigue. But please don't wear it for a long time, personally don't feel more than 2~3 hours, otherwise it may affect the blood circulation of some organs and muscles. In addition, although this looks very breathable, it actually adds some sweat to the waist.(translated by Google Translator)

The order, the courier delivered 09.07.2018.Packed in cardboard box, no damage.Everything is made of high quality, easy to use.

The function as Ratchet is sufficient and can be used without problems.
At this price quality and function are no problem.
I am worried about future durability.

I bought it for checking the amount of Engine oil in MT-07.
You can check the amount of Oil by putting the vertical state across the Motorcycle and copying the Oil window to the mirror of this product.

Misuse prohibited! (Lol)

I purchased Compressor for my first home Garage. Various Manufacturer, I was lost as to the model, but the desired performance can be used with 100v for home use. Being silent. Things that have horsepower. If Air raises it, there will be no tightness and eventually sk 11 It was to.
First, the sound is quite quiet. As it is easy to say, it is about idling car of NORMAL so I use it even in the middle of the night. I was satisfied with Large because I was prepared for the sound of a stall generator. Horsepower is also 1. Because it is 5 hp, it is also fast for Air to accumulate. About 2-3 minutes.
What I was concerned about before purchasing is power consumption. According to the Instruction Manual of ManufacturerSite, 1200 w at the time of reboot was 2 to 3 times as much power as I had, so I was worried that 20 A outletlet for home use would fall.
No problem. I also restart firmly.
Large satisfaction with Large. I wish I could buy it sooner. As soon as I bought it, I switched Seat with Air Tucker and replaced the Studless Tire with Impact wrench.
If you have a Compressor you can do that too and your dream will spread. Is it difficult to say, it is a non-stop, but I wanted a Sub tank.

The handle of the wrench is sturdy and has a nice rubber coating on it. The adjustable mechanism is nice and can be hand tightened sufficiently. The pins however are not very strong and a tightly jammed lock nut will cause the pins to bend. I have already bent the pins while opening a lock nut on a damper. However for light work it is quite adequate and price is cheap too Stronger pins would have gotten it a 5 star rating.

Suitable pockets for tools, good material usage, durable design. It can be used with POP UP BAG PRO. Sincerely, Zsolt Lukovics