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SKF merupakan produsen seal shock depan paling awet di Eropa. Seal shock depan SKF mengurangi pengikisan akibat gesekan lebih dari 20% sehingga membuat seal menjadi awet. Seal shock SKF cocok dengan semua kategori sepeda motor seperti motorcross, enduro, trial, road race, street dan lainnya.

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车型使用:ktm 390 2014 2014全新购入以来,前段时间出现小量漏油的状况 就购买的新的前叉油封,(减震油也打算在webike购买,但是目前不能进入中国的缘故,在购入国行正品减震油) 正品SKF油封耐用度会比原装更好 Model use: ktm 390 2014 Since the new purchase in 2014, there has been a small amount of oil leakage in the previous period. On the purchase of the new front fork oil seal, (the shock absorber oil is also intended to be purchased at webike, but currently can not enter China's sake, in the purchase of the national line of genuine shock absorption oil) Genuine SKF oil seal durability will be better than original(translated by Google Translator)

Low Friction can be compared by exchanging only one side when assembling parts. I do not understand honestly when I say that this low friction can be understood when driving. Since the movement of suspension is controlled by the damping force, the effect of low friction is Small. However, the Inner pipe is more than Plating, polished Chromium Plating, Titaniumium plating with low sliding resistance, I think that it will be Titanium if it is asked which is better. This same idea is this part.

There are imprints with poor durability, but we can use it without problems. At the distributor, on the contrary, we sell high durability at Sale Sp Point, this point is how the User decides.

It is Custom that you can taste self-satisfaction when you are wearing it, we will post a comparative photograph with Lime green for reference on a Kawako ride.

Since he wanted to direct lowness on the whole at the time of handle exchange of SR500, it purchased.
In those who want to direct lowness since a location is considerably made low from the mirror of a general bar type, it is a recommend.
Since there are many adjustment parts, its degree of freedom is high, and visibility is adjusted exactly, and it has no problem.
However, although this may be a problem of a motorcycle, if compared pure, there is a little much vibration a little (since appearance is pleasing, it is a level which is not worried).

Since control is strengthened these days, they are items to attach very much.
They are goods best to Ho of an idea as it is heavy and handling is affected by the usual mirror.
Although the comment at the time of use do not look almost, please think that it is better than nothing.
It is said that nothing will be said if control also attaches even this mirror, and attached.
I think that it can use since it may be visible although it is the structure which can be regarded also as a dummy.

It attached to SEROW250.
The retractable type was chosen according to the situation in the damage prevention at the time of a fall, or a garage.
It compares pure and the point in which delicate adjustment is possible is pleasing.

Depending on the case where it blurs in vibration and back cannot be seen during a run, the mirror is also suitable for the wrong directions... If it is right and becomes hollow better, without folding, it will break with a snap from a root.

wonderfulness -- it became hollow and broke.
During a run, a mirror blurs, and although visibility is bad, when important, the joint part of a ball form is not helpful and it cannot recommend at all.
It swore to buy no article of this manufacturer from now on.

Oil leakage of Front fork for the first time in ninth year. SFK is the best Seal and I tried using it. I do not know the performance difference. Just feeling of security and superiority of Green Light is a consideration.