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Purchasing with expectation of good looking and rectifying effect, ZX - 12R itself is not produced as it is now unproducted Motorcycle, so Screen was also Production to order. (By the way, waiting for about two months)
Because OEM Screen could be removed in a moment, I thought that installation was also a moment, the installation part at the bottom of Screen was different from the insertion type of OEM, it turned out that it can not be installed unless it can not be drilled with Front cowl with Drill.
Drill Included Parts : Although it did not possess the Impact Driver, I had to push it by hand and pierced it by myself.
My hand hurt because it is manual. (-?_-??)
Mounting Bolt There were four places, but double-sided tape was also pasted to prevent water leakage and somehow installed.
Installation trouble was only a little troublesome, but I will lose this good-looking.
I am looking forward to going running and improving the rectifying effect.

I came nearly waiting nearly two months.
Anyhow it is awesome! The appearance is exactly the McGuinness emperor TK of the Isle of Man!
Mounting holes are slightly gapy but it does not matter.
However! Since the protrusion of the tip insertion part is not addicted at all, a gap can be formed between Cowl and Screen LOL Screen Whole screen is distorted?
I forced to devastate it properly with Sticker or Seat. The accuracy of the product is quite somewhat compared with Zero gravity etc. But Cool is satisfied with Large!

Easy to install and keeps the wind off the chest. I'm 182cm tall and still get wind hitting the top of my helmet but it's definitely less buffeting than without the screen. I think looks-wise it suits better than a lot of the screens out there too, and is functional.

The mounting hole is misaligned first
Receiving is forced by Rubber but because it is all Large, it is the same thickness, so it shakes while driving.
I am 176 cm tall, but when it is the highest position Helmet will produce a great Noise around the wind like turbulence
It is somewhat cheaper than other items, but it is cheaper.
The strength of the OEM has been increased to the placement of the mounting hole, but this product is not done at all.

To eliminate the turbulence of the poster Puch's Sub cowl (Type another one on top of Cowl) Although it is very good but it is not strong, Cowl seems to break, so I returned to OEM.

How much would you recommend to a friend "No" Even "Yes" It will be

When installing, it can be replaced very easily in 5 minutes.
The point to note is that the accuracy of the screw hole position is good, since there is no Gap
Easy to install.
Cost performance is the best.
Rectification effect is also several steps higher than OEM, and there is no problem at high speed.

First of all, the price is cheap! Value compared with other companies! Color chooses Light smoke! I thought that it was a little thin at the time of installation, but this time it was good just for a sight viewing this one! Well Acrylic board just bent, so distortion is inevitable Level. With the forward tilted posture, since the Screen edge is about a little under the Helmet line of sight, there is no problem. Well the shape is good? Windshield effect is unexpectedly high, pretty much prevents the wind and the wind pressure of Helmet and chest has been alleviated. Simple is a very good product.