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SKY merupakan produsen riding gear dan visor helm. Visor helm SKY dilengkapi dengan lapisan anti-UV dengan visibilitas tingkat tinggi untuk segala cuaca.

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It attached to full face helmet X-TWELVE of SHOEI.
It is satisfactory.
It is very pleasing.

Design likes this product and buys it.
(Orange Line on Black)

Then at Motorcycle Supplies Store "Chest Pad is important" Since it was written, Net reviewed it, "The chest is OriginalChest Pat (SK-18) There are storage bags that can be equipped and Velcro that can be equipped with hit-air HardChest Pat. Because there was description, separately Chest Pad (SK-18) Purchase.

However, there is no storage bag that can be equipped in search, from SKY's HP "Pad I bought will not be attached" As a result of inquiries, it is said that this product is not compatible.

Inevitably, Pad returns.
(Shipping cost wasted .... )

Purchase Protector of Best type additionally.

HP, I wish I could fix it ....

It's been a year since I started using it, but there is not any flaking. Maintenance gently wiped with wet Towel after running, and washing with mild detergent occasionally, but is it difficult to scratch, Camping touringetc. There is no scarred trace even if it treats roughly every day by. Whether Mirror's coating is thick or not, reflection of the inside is a little worrisome, but it is hard to see Buusai's face from outside, so I think that Cost performance is the best. By the way, Mirror of Clear base does not recommend so much because reflection is scattered and it is dazzling.

ARAI's Shield exchange took quite a while and took time, but I loved it very much. I bought the same color with Sun visor. It was Clear so far, it looks somewhat dark, but there is no effect on driving. Also, although it is not HelmetManufacturer, Shield's distortion is not felt and is a good item.

Accuracy is comparable to OEM Product.
I purchased Clear silver for Z - 7,
The mounting part is transparent through the Machine part a little Parenthesis well,
The shield part of the bottom is about Mirror which can not see the face at all.
Clear so night visibility was also good.

good point
- Dazzling will be alleviated even in summer. In the case of OEM's Smoke, if direct sunlight enters sight, such as in the evening, it is dazzling, so the effect seems high.
- Because of OEMBase, the installation is exactly the same.
A bad point
- Although it may be light adjustment, when you suffer Helmet, the color changes depending on the place. Color : I chose Sky Blue, but the front looks like Orange color and the side looks like Blue.

It seems to be useful in summer.

I have gotten shield base color clear titanium coating color silver. Left mirror shield right clear shield on picture. It is nice to me.

There is no particular problem during the daytime
Street lamp etc etc during night driving. It is difficult to see the light of the inside reflected in it.
If I run at night, OEM's Mellow SmokeBlue Mirror is still better.
But the product is very good.