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my bike is CB223 and i used Continental Fuel Hose its strong and feel good quiality , there no blocking or leacking problems . Talking about the fiting its easy and tight whevn you need remove from tank easily you can do it there no stuck or freez. i usually drive off roadas and it nver be problems theres no leak even from sharp things. its well lenth on and dont want to cut it , i suggest for every one who rides off roads.

Harley 's Parts shop items, but it is difficult even to bend stiff. It looks like Mesh Tube, but it does not stretch at all. I thought about using it for Wiring but it became a Garbage.

I used it in combination with PinGel's Adapter plate instead of PinGel..
When installing to the Adapter plate for PinGel, 1 / The precision of the 4NPT male thread is too low and installation is difficult without Brown difficulty. It is Zama who actually jams in once and breaks.

When installing, fix the adapter plate with vice. Just put the capped chemicals, put it in a way that wears the Tap back, you have to put it back, repeat the installation.
As it is probably impossible to use a Seal tape for leakage prevention, as for Sea Ring, I'd like to deal with Gasket on the Adapter side.

Author 's United States - If it is from Pauco company it will be a little more accurate...

installation manual in English helped to switch the original grips, installed on my Buell clip'ons (custom made Virago front). Feels smooth, looks great especially with original biltwell solo seat (also black diamond printed). Hopefully the durability of these grips will approve the high priced (for rubber grips) purchase. Recommended for all classic look motorcycles

It is a bit slim, but it feels like not affecting the cold much. In my case, I felt it necessary to pay attention to handling in order to pass between Cylinder.

The bag part of Screw is shorter than OEM, and it can not be used for Normal mirror. It's lazy without being shut.
Adjustment with Washer and Color (3mm)

Push rodSeal is not good at replacing and it takes time only to purchase for the purpose of improving maintenance.
Installation was not a problem at all, Clip also thought that Spring's rebound was amazing? But it was unexpectedly easy to install. (*^^*)

Originally it is Items for Adjustable Push rod, but if you check with Manufacturer 's Site you have stock length and description so you can install it without any problems with OEM Push rod.

It is recommended for those who are not good at exchanging Push rodSeal. (>_<)

I bought it to hide the Screw mountain which comes out from Nut and Nut when OEMMirror fixing Nut attached Mirror downward.
There is no problem with the shape and the texture of Plating, but since Plating is done up to Mount Screw, it is hard to tighten. And Sut size of Nut is slightly larger than OEM (13mm) Because of that, when attaching it downwards, Right Side interfered with the Master cylinder and could not be tightened (-_-;)
So, we will be in the warehouse until we return to Up.