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SMITH memproduksi aksesoris untuk olahraga musim dingin, dan telah menjadi merek kacamata goggle terkenal di seluruh dunia. Teknologi yang terdapat dalam produk SMITH menjanjikan Anda kenyamanan dalam berkendara.

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Arai V-CROSS4 PATRIOT [V-CROSS4 Patriot] I am using it together.
I used Smith 's Goggles for the first time, but it is very fits with the face and the shape of Glasses
It is good..
But, is it only me who thinks I want a Barry age other than Black?

I used Mirror Lens 100% Acuri during the day, but I wanted Goggles with Clear Lens installed for night run and purchased it.

As Glasses was described as being compatible, 100% Acuri (It seems that this is also for eyeglasses) I thought if there was a feeling of more Fit and my Glasses was 100% Accury's better being Fit.

Quantity on Glasses' shape and Largeness : Pair (for Left and Right) I think that it will be done, my eyeglasses etc on my license etc etc. Because the condition of is not written (There is sight which is necessary for driving even without glasses) It is Goggles that you can use if you take off your glasses, so it was not wasteful shopping.

For Cost it's a little expensive but at that price
It is a matching performance quality.

It is easy to install and recommendable products
(* ゜ ー °) ゞ ⌒ ☆

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
In the installation model, there is no Front fork ASSY outside the company,
Even OEM Parts Number was not handled in ASSY.
In the meantime, there was a Kit that can exchange Cartridge kit, so I bought this product.
? 【How was it actually used?】
Extremely lightweight with extremely wide attenuation adjustment range (45kg) But
I was able to run so far so I am very happy.
? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Set Cartridge and finally tighten Fork's Top cap,
As OEM did not have holes in Spring collar,
I had a hard time compressing Spring.
This time I worked with two people so I managed somehow but it might be difficult unless I purchase a special tool - - - ?
? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
It is similar to the above,
Finally when closing Fork's Top cap,
I think work to shrink Spring is the best barrier.
If it is a Type that inserts a bar into a hole of an OEM or the like and presses it, there is also a possibility of slipping
It may be necessary to take countermeasures around it. (Maybe you can do it if you are a good person - - - ?)
? Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】 N / A
? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
From the beginning of purchase, Small scratches were noticeable.
Since it was a part with no influence on the use, I confirmed that to the maker and used it as it was.
? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Because it was a view that Small scratches are highly likely to be attached after manufacture
I was glad when you could manage the neighborhood a little more carefully.
? 【Have you compared items?】
Most of the other products are Spring only
To customize as a function of Suspension
I think it was only this product.
But, as you choose it, the price is not too high, so I wonder if it was a very good shopping.
? [Others]
It was a product of a maker who does not hear so much
I was honestly worried, but I managed to install it
It can be used without problems.
Translation of Instruction Manual (Please input here) There was a feeling that I wanted you to do a little better - - - Lol

Because it is Glasses bastard, GlassesSpec. I was looking for things.
I wrote it as flu because it was written by other people's evaluation. It was really fluffy.
I am wearing a wide and wide Glasses, but I can use it without problems.

I think that it would be great if there were some types of Shields to replace.

In conjunction with Matrix made rear shock replacement, MT09 genuine front spring was replaced with Matrix. Genuine spring rate 7. 35N / Matrix standard spring rate 8 from mm. 5N / Rate up to mm. In Matrix, as with the spring rate change of the rear shock, the front also responds to the change of the spring rate, but select the standard spring rate. The nose dive at the time of breaking was relaxed, and the handling became sharp. The included fork oil is Motrex (KTM genuine designation) It was with. The viscosity is 10 W and a bright red mineral oil! MT09 inverted fork has damping function and extension side damping adjustment only on the right side. The inner cartridge on the left is just a thing connecting the outer tube and the inner tube, there is no damping function at all. This time, in accordance with the fork spring exchange, procure the right inner cartridge with Yahoo auction and change it to the left side. Both have damping function.

Smith Single Lens for Option OTG

It is for ReplacementClear Lens for OptionOTG.
Since Goggles are easily damaged with dust and stepping stones, it is helpful to have Lens replacing with OEM.

It is MatrisForkCartridgeKit for MT-07.
Originally I was using the HydroKit person, I felt the limits of Setting width, so I dared to change it.
When purchasing HydroKit, this Cartridge did not exist.

I think whether it is possible to install OH if it is possible, but I think that it is the best if you can make a detent for CartridgeBody.

Packing is necessary and enough.
Compressive side is difficult to move at Review of previous purchase (Too much attenuation) Although I was pointed out, when I contacted Matsumoto Engineer Ring "Japan Spec. I decided to incorporate it in my home country with the pressure side pulled out. I was able to purchase with confidence.

After all, it was thought of Circuit as the main body, and it was necessary to add a hand to make it suitable for Gymkhana which is my use purpose.
Depending on equipment weight, it can be used without problems with recommended values.

The damping adjustment range is fairly wide, depending on the setting you can use any scene.

We are 63 kg and Small handle.
Please refer as setting direction for weight closer.

Pressure side Oil hiroko 3
Extension side Oil hiroko 5
Oil surface 145 mm
Press side 20 - 25 Click back
Extension side 15 ~ 22 Click back
1 from Pre-road total withdrawal / 4 to 1 turn

In town ride ~ Gymkhana ~ ShortCircuit I think that there is a favorite place somewhere in the above.
As the Front tire moves so as to suck on the road surface in the current state, you can ride about the surface white.

Oil has changed, but it will show a wonderful move even with MOTOREX 5W which is enclosed.

Since there are few details, it is information for each part.

Coating is given to ROD, and movement from the beginning changes to another thing.

It seems to be fully adjustable, the adjustment range is wonderful.
Not only the upper Preload Adjuster but also the basic pre-road is changed to +4 0 -4 by changing the Spring receiving part of Cartridge.
The number of attenuation stages can be increased depending on how it is built in 26 basic steps.
Spring rate is 9. 0N / Mm Spring length 264 mm

Basic Setting
6 revolutions from the pre-road full punching
Press side 15 Click return
Extension side 15 Click return
Oil level 130 mm

I hope you find it useful.