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It was the good result.
It is the goods attached first and is an excellent piece of recollections.
It asks for the further low-pitched sound, and is using the slip-on of a MGM studio now.

Purchased because Normal muffler got rusty.
Although there are also OVER for two draws, I thought about the price and made it here.

Although it is installation, it was necessary to Cut Fender as other people wrote. I blown with a soldering iron.
Other than that, if you refer to the Exhaust System replacement method that you search by Net, I think that it is no problem even for amateurs.

I felt that there was no difference between NORMAL and Large.

Volume is noisier than OEM. I am careful not to open in residential areas.

I purchased a Silencer length 400 mm.
As expected, Full Exhaust System, OEM at low speed does not feel so much change,
At high rotation (7000 rpm ~) The growth of OEM is obviously different from the feeling of Momassari.
However, although it is commonplace, even if it says that Baffle is present, it is for RaceExhaustSystem for once,
Exhaust sound is Large as exhaust not to be compared with OEM.
To be honest, those who do not usually turn up so much in the city ride Main,
When thinking about using mind to put Motorcycle out of the house at midnight and early in the morning,
Merit may not be much...
Cost performance is very good for other people.
Recommended for those of RaceMain!

The car body, ZrX 1200 R 2005 year.
Easy installation.
Aluminum, but it looks good.
Sound is low rounded and good sound.
Because it is light, it does not lean to Right.
Even better sound at more than 4000 revolutions.

It was Big Li to the lightness when it arrived.
I installed it myself, but it was easy in about an hour. We also have a light handling of Motorcycle itself, and I like the volume. I did the best if the sound quality was a little bass. But I like it quite a bit..

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】 Sample video.
? 【How was it actually used?】 Satisfied with sound, Design.
? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Very easy as Slip-on Silencer.
? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Since the exhaust leaks delicately from the joint, firmly apply a liquid Gasket.
? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?] There is some problem with accuracy.
? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points; I want you to improve the accuracy. I'd like to improve it so that it looks like a full exhaust system because the Band of the connection part with the OEMExhaust pipe is undisputed.
? 【Have you compared items?】 AKRAPOVIC, Maverick, MotoGEAR
? [Others] It was good that MotoGEAR's Double putting out was powerful just to the appearance.
If you choose the latest Trend Design AKRAPOVIC.
But, for me who likes Short Silencer with loud sound volume, these two sounds lonesome.
On the contrary, the sound is too large Large.
The best thing in price, sound, design was Tsuki.
However, when finishing the installation and finally hooking Exhaust Spring, it was in a state where Spring was playing without Tension.
When saying Objection, we responded promptly and exchanged for good products.
The position of Spring hook was poor.
Sound is powerful Sound that I can not imagine 250 cc!
It will not be suitable for those who dislike noisy.

Buy it like shape. Waiting for 2 months with postponement of scheduled delivery date 3 times. Finally the item reached and confirmed The portion of Buffing in the Exhaust pipe portion I thought that delicate one would be worried.
It is MinusPoint that the footpeg and the Silencer part interfere with each other. The installation was about an hour after carefully doing it carefully for the amateur himself after preparing it with animation. The volume is not too big Large I like it just fine.
Including high speed in trial run 180? The fuel consumption cost was 21 kilometers per liter

I liked the shape of NORMAL and stayed NORMAL for two years but I was attracted by the Megaphone shape and decided to introduce it this time. After all Short Type suits MT.

Installation Instruction Manual is not included, but the installation movie has been up, so I was able to work on Smooth. It was a Full Exhaust System but it was easy to exchange with the sense of Slip-on Silencer. Mounting Bolt uses OEM. Also comes with liquid Gasket.

I think volume is Large eyes. It is not suitable for commuting because it is a loud volume at night in the residential area, early in the morning.
When Idling, it's a good deep bass. Because I tried to open the door lightly because I gently flushed the neighborhood, I do not know the high revolution range. In the Power graph published by Manufacturer, we are far from NORMAL over the whole area so we can not wait for spring.

I attached the Center Stand of the Other Company Product to MT - 09, but it was possible to install without trouble. (It seems that it can not be attached to Racer. )

By the way, the position of Manufacturer Name plate was attached to the upper side unlike product photo. I like this person.