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SOAB (Sons of Anarchy Bikers) adalah brand apparel untuk perempuan independen yang punya gaya otentik nan berani.

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Usually I wear M Size, I wear S Size because this Brand's M Size felt a little Large pretty.
As a summer thing, I think that it will be a reason not to wear too much under, but the sense of Size is perfect, I think that this Line of Jacket is also beautiful.
Because the fabric is solid, I thought it was hot in summer even at Mesh, but it is much cooler than I thought because of passing the wind. Also, in the midst of summer lighting, I wore a long sleeve so as not to inhale sweat as much as possible. Still it is pretty cool. (However, I think there are individual differences in the part that is experiential)
There is no complaint at all.
However, occasionally the hand enters the string part under the chest, it may get caught. I do not mind being anxious, but I may have to be a little careful.

Us men (168 cm 62 kg normal body type) However, Men 's Winter blouson always buys the L Size of Ladies because it' s Large even with M Size.

Surely both shoulder width and dress length are on the Size table, but it is delivered and wearing Big Li!
Waist 's Shirring was surprisingly Oversized from the girth as I regarded as mistakenly asking for MLS' s LLSize...
Shoulder width is good, but the size of the girth from under armpit is Large enough not to lose to Men's LL. Try on and run and air will come in VANVAN. It might be supposed to arrive under, but still too big.
In the photograph of the product it looks like sewing that Waist is squeezed, but from the armpit to the bottom is the formal body. As it can not wear cold weather as it is impossible to put out correction.
I was able to correct it to a nice feeling just because I knew a good correction shop with a good arm, but as Size, from under armpit 15 cm to under Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Shrinking 12 cm in total.

I really like this Blouson, Design, so I think that there are many women who like it if it is cut with photos, but if that Size it is a person with a very tall body or a person with quite a good physique, or wear it like a dharma If you are not prefered you can not recommend it much
If you are thinking about buying from now on, I think that you should think about buying under 2 Size or buying under correction.
It is best to try on clothes if possible.

Size was truly disappointing because Design and texture were really good.