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SOLID UP memproduksi berbagai macam sparepart bodwork untuk sepeda motor mini, seperti MONKEY, GORILLA, NSR, NSF, GYRO, dan lainnya. Spakbor dan fairing SOLID UP memiliki kualitas terbaik pada desain dan fungsinya, sehingga membuat tampilan motor Anda menjadi unik.

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This Solid Up visor for the z50jm is a spitting image of the OEM and is made of better quality. It comes with mounting hardware, and is made from high quality fiberglass. Perfect item for your beloved monkey bike. Thanks again We Bike!

I wanted a flat thing that Number Plate was easy to paste, so I did this.
If you think about air resistance it would be nice to be sharp.

우선 배송이 빨라 너무 마음에 듭니다 스피드한 배송에 놀랐습니다. 하지만 배송을 받아보고 약간 실망 스러웠습니다. 포장 상태가 불안했습니다. 그리고 개봉을 하니 기스가 여러군데 많이 나있습니다. 블랙펄 상태에서 기스가 나있어 약간 실망 했지만 배송이 빨라 모든게 커버가 됩니다 번창 하세요 First of all, I was very surprised at the speedy delivery that I like shipping very quickly. But I was a bit disappointed to receive the delivery. Packing condition was uneasy. And when I opened it, there are a lot of kisses. I was a little disappointed with the black spirits coming out of the state. Shipment is fast and everything will be covered. (translated by Google Translator)

빠른배송에 감사함을 느낌 하지만 배송박스를 개봉후 보니 부분부분 기스들이 존재합니다 마무리도 약간 미흡합니다 도색은 해야할듯 하며, 포장상태가 좀 별로 였습니다 그의외에는 모든것이 마음에 듭니다 다음에도 주문할 의향이 있습니다.

The Solid Up under cowl has a high quality finish, it's really easy to fit & it looks awesome. It suits the bodywork so well, it should have come out of the factory like this !!

extremely happy with my monkey baja visor. when no one else had it webike came to the rescue. would definitely reccomend it

It installed in the previous term Grom. Grom 's Under Cowl has been exhibited by many other companies, but I chose Solid up' s Cowl whose shape and appearance were the best. Because my grom is painting Cowl, Under Cowl painted in the same color as Cowl. Also, because it was not OEMExhaust System, Under Cowl's excision etc etc etc etc. It is essential to process. Even in installation, because it was not possible to install with the included Bracket Only, I purchased a separate short Bracket and installed it. With this, the feeling of the skusca under the Engine which was worrisome also disappears and we are satisfied with Large change. It was saved if the price was a bit cheaper.

The quality is excellent and the fit is good. I don't like the design of the front lower portion of the cowl. It looks like they cut up a cowl for another bike to make it work on the NSR50. I will fiberglass and gell coat a piece to cover up this part of the cowl.