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I bought it because the Speedometer's Lamp has expired.
It is a basic product that it is a light bulb that has absolutely no harm but it is troublesome if it does not exist.
And the basic performance is fine, there is no complaint.
I can not come to like the LED Lamp by all means, so I want you to continue to produce it in the future.

I used it for Tail lamp of VANVAN 90. Installation is completed without any problem. 6V products are getting less and I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

CUB's OEMValve and cheap 300 yen Valve, "Bright Halogen" Type is
I made it to this in a row.

It has not expired since 15 years.. Amazing.
I think that it depends on the lot, but I did not think that I have it here.
Of course I still have it..

"Bright Halogen" I was not expecting brightness because it is not,
No, this is pretty bright. Bright type and no color. (personal
It is an impression.. I did not measure the equipment)
As far as I see, OEMValve has to do Reduction in cost
So, some Grade is low, is not it?
I will be sorry..

Personally I like it very much, but how a little
I feel expensive. I wish I could strongly recommend it for about 650 yen.

Since Blinker of CUB90DX has expired, for Replacement,

Purchased for Rear taillights of Step WGN used for Transporter.

The price is also cheap, the inventory also has Webike so you can deliver it even if you do not go shopping.

It is a feeling that the hand reached to Kayui place.

ADDRESS V 125 G runs 87,000 kilometers (In 9 years). I exchanged Headlight Bulb, but Tail lamp was not exchanged. In this time, when exchanging, the Valve used was a little lower half, black coloring, close to life. I'm glad I could exchange it.. The price is affordable, it is also in the sales area of ??two-wheel goods, so it is an item that is convenient to obtain.
It is recommended to purchase before OEMLamp bulbs out.

It is now a valuable 6V bulb.
Even Motorcycle supplies stores do not stock in some places.

With the electrical control of 6V car, the bulb does not last long, but the LED bulb does not have anything corresponding to it.

Although it is a consumable item, it is getting harder to obtain, so I think that there is no loss as one Stock, buying one.

I bought it as a spare of 6 V DAX. Headlight Bulb of 6V is not very easy to set up at the shop, so even if there is a small number, I bought it here so that there will be no Valve to exchange when it's expired.
The product itself is an ordinary Valve. In Motorcycle which breaks well like 6 V Recommendation of cheaper White heatball than expensive Halogen.

It may be this product that was attached in the Motorcycle store.Probably, the pure lay number of 100 yen is at an advantage in here which must be cheap, since seemingly it is about the same engine performance as pure as long as in play [ past ] is seen.incidentally -- my LITTLE -- as for the head Lamp of the CUB, facing down went out by 15,000k from the new car.If it also 15,000k Has facing up, it will be no 30,000k exchanging and will become terrible COSPAR.It is also called
, and when riding only daytime, it rides upward without exchanging, if it is me.