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Harley's OEMGrip feels thick and cheap, but it's easy to grip when you install this item, it's a good looking while looking down.

Installation can be done easily without difficulty.

There is only a famous Manufacturer's RSD and it's solid..

The feeling of use is also very good, it became thinner than the OEM and it got easier to grip.

I am satisfied with better appearance.

Harley's Lever is honestly thick by American size and somewhat inconvenient, but this lever is slender and can be adjusted so very chic.
It was very easy to install. It also comes with a manual with photographs of alphabet, but there was nothing to see especially.
I feel that the texture is gorgeous in Chrome and I think that it contributes to the operation feeling. We are satisfied with the price at reasonable price.
Only, it was the best if the adjustment range was a little more.

I installed it in the 2008 formula vrscdVRSCDX.
Throttle Cable, Front brake hose can be handled by handling without having to change it to short one.

Although it can be said to HarleyOEM as well as other foreign company products, Screwetc. The quality is bad and it is easy to lick, so it is a caution.
We can not adjust common Sauce angle, but I think that Separate handle that can be used for V-rod is only real.
Height is 182 cm, Mid control - There is no hindrance to driving in both Four Con. If the body is long, I think Large is strong.

I installed it in XL 1200 X of MODEL 2014.

Billet part is made very beautifully, Contrast of Black and Silver is Parenthesis nice.

Since it was installed without problems, it is perfect for accuracy.

I think that it is a commodity more than the price in terms of Total.

This time I ordered Roland Sons Headlight Bracket. It took time to arrive with Golden Week tangled, but finally installed yesterday finally very satisfied. I did not like the appearance of Gold like Gold as far as the position of Light has ever gone high. Balance against the height of Tank should be good, but it is disappointing that you can not make any adjustments in the horizontal direction of Light itself. So ★ 4......

It is the touch which is upgraded nonchalantly.It can go without the
tool.It is also good to be able to choose with the RSD Mark of the
picture, and one more kind of Mark.

[Webike Monitor] The
Title passage.
Quality which cannot be regarded at all as an American Parts.
RSD is infallible.Since it begins to delete the
price although it is high, a Clutch lever also hits and peels it off like a Plating Grip or alumite treatment, or it drops off, it is not sticky by degradation like a sushi Rubber grip, or since a resin Inner is also unnecessary, it does not have worries about degradation of an Inner, either.
If it polishes, it takes out glitteringly always and can use for a long time.
Incidentally, since the thing for Replacements is released by RSD, a Rubber portion is also safe.