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SPEC Engineering menyediakan bermacam-macam sparepart untuk meningkatkan performa motor seperti rem dan upgrade kit, khususnya untuk GPZ900R.

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Seat lock was damaged and I found this item when I was looking for Repair Parts.
Installation is done without much effort, you can open and close Seat firmly than OEM.

You are attentive.

You can change Rear's Brake around with Total, so when you change to brembo, Caliper, MASTER did it all at once.

Design is also Refreshing and I like it.

I removed from Seat from Side cover, Fuel Tank, I could not have felt like the instruction manual, but I managed to replace it somehow
I ran but apparently not

Before replacing it, I bought it because the White character disappeared and it did not look. Work that is less than three minutes to replace. After that, it is unknown why the key became hard to sand.

Although this product seems to be a special part at first glance, OEMThermostat of ZX-12R, 10R, 9R, 6R (You can order at this site 49054-1067) And it looks exactly the same as performance.

Of course the shape is the same so you can attach it.

By the way, although this product is about 8000 yen, OEM Parts Number can be bought for 3000 yen together with item price Gold + shipping fee.

The weak point of GPZ 900 R
Especially when traffic jams in the summer break away to Convenience
Although it is for use with the Large Radiator, Radiator has less effect as long as it does not run It purchased because the boiling point adjustment of Thermo was ideal as well as to turn the fan
Just thought that I did not come from other than Specifications
I think that there are not many people who think so if it is a bit cheaper
Those who are suffering because they are good for Motorcycle in the long run will be recommending for early purchase

bremboetc. A little Hose thin is not sold to the nearby Parts store so buy it with Wye Big.

Size is also Exactly also as an adaptation item.

Please try this item if you exchange OEM Product ♪
At first glance it's just Thermostat - - - It's just Thermostat with different temperature settings w
So there is no problem with installation and accuracy! It is profitable as Thermo Case's O-ring comes with it.

Installation is easy if you remove the Radiator hose attached to Thermo Case Upper and work.
Remove Case Upper and replace Thermostat Body with this product. Do not forget to replace the O-ring with the new one. (O-ring does not fall and it is easy to assemble when applying a small amount of Silicon grease to O-ring)
Completion after assembling and reinstall Air firmly afterwards !!

Well, the extent of the effect - - -
Certainly the uplift of the water temperature gauge has been relaxed. It will be NINJA at any time if it goes up but the time to rise is getting longer.
It is good for Normal radiator.
Big radiator may be Over cool.
(Big radiator will be introduced so verification is done at that time)
How about keeping those who are planning to maintain with water leaks from Thermo Case and exchanging them together?