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Special Agent

Special Agent adalah salah satu pabrikan terbaik komponen kelistrikan motor dengan produk unggulan berupa injection controller bensin bernama “Negotiator”.

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I tried raising Tank to install it myself, but ... I gave up failing to find Wiring ... Gold was hung, but it was installed at the shop. At that time, the degree of satisfaction is high as we added the USB at the same time with the wage Service. Also, the other day, I was able to confirm that Limiter was canceled by Circuit. For those who run Circuit, they are essential items.

Installation was a bit painful. Since there are few Spaces to accommodate Body, I worried while balancing Wiring's handling and fixing method. Under Rear seat there is ETC and it is impossible. As a result, I put a Sponge tape on Body and pushed it into the gap of ABSUnit under Seat.

I used it for GSX-S1000F. Since it is a Japanese specification, Limiter is attached, we were considering canceling Limiter. Although ECU rewriting was also an option, considering Manufacturer guarantee etc. - - - I thought it was a retrofit kit and I thought that the other people's reviewetc. Decide on the Kit while watching. The function was as expected but I think it's a bit expensive. So ☆ is -1.

Mounted on a 14 year old falcon. For domestic specification, the function is two. One is mode 1 of 180 km limiter release. The other is to adjust the front and rear sprocket teeth number change. For overseas specification, three functions. Mode 2 of 300 km limiter release, mode 1 of 3 rd power enhanced mode 3. And correspond to the number of sprocket teeth. Mounting is made by connecting to the gear position connector near the seat near the seat under the tank and connecting to the connector for the vehicle speed sensor near the center of the left side cowl,. Since both are coupler connections, it is not difficult if you know which connector, but there are similar connectors, so you need to be careful. For this connection, it is necessary to remove the inner side, the under side, the left side cowl. The other last one needs to connect to the green and black wire from the ECU under the seat, and you have to cut it with courage. Since there is also Giboshi for connection, if you process it so that it can be reconnected when detached, there is no problem. The main body was installed under the rear seat. The number of sprocket teeth is genuine, front 17, rear 40. When changing the number of sprocket teeth, you can change this setting. I chose this because the genuine display can be used as it is for the gear position indication etc.. It is a color copy, but since the manual is included, it is good to do while watching it. If the price is about half price, I think that I bought it without trouble. Satisfied as things.

I am satisfied because I am not a part of the area that can be used on the public road on the lower road.

I am satisfied with just No Limit.

I think that there is no change in the performance, but the hole of the lid of Aluminum's case is Gap and it is angered that the lid is attached to the Slant slightly, but since it is installed in an invisible place, it compromises.

I do not have much trouble because I only remove Cover of Seat, Side Cover Left, ecu, the tool will need Electric Works Pliers or Solder iron, since I do not have anything to fix Body backwards I will go to Harit until Limit I stretched it and pasted it under the document bunt with Double-sided Tape.

Speed ??limiter will be activated at 5th speed in the running meeting.
So, I was looking for Limiter cut of MODEL vehicle in 2014 and I found this.
It has a solid shape, additional functions include Speedometer error correction function when exchanging Sprocket, purchase without hesitation.
Installation was also easy. (It is necessary to Cut the vehicle Wiring by 1 pc and interrupt it in between.). Bullet Terminal terminal is bundled, but I kept wearing Solder. )
There was also a typographical error in the operation method of the Instruction Manual, and as a result of confirmation, Yellow Button was SW 2. f^_^;

I installed it for speed limiter cut of GSXS - S1000F of Japanese specification.

For installation, it is necessary to replace the Coupler in two places with this Limiter cut coupler, and to partially interrupt the ECU Wiring.
* It is carefully written in the Instruction Manual.

Although there is no problem with replacing the Coupler, I mistook it for interrupting Wiring of BlackGreen for Wiring of GreenBlack by ECU's Wiring interrupt.

If you make a mistake, you can run, but the FI error is displayed and the Gear Position Indicator is displayed only up to 2nd gear.

I got to SPECIAL Knife Agents in the above state, so it was found that I mistook Wiring of BlackGreen and GreenBlack. Because it is very confusing, attention needs attention.

When correcting to the correct Wiring, no error occurred, the Gear position was displayed normally, and the Speed ??limiter was canceled as well.