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Texture, feeling was better than I expected. The feeling of the fingers in gripping poses has also been alleviated. In my case, "Gel" should be left out.

Black was peeling off at the other imprint, but what I bought was solid with no indication of peeling at all.

It is a high Clamp, but I am satisfied with the quality as it is. There is not quite a black Hose Band.

I like it, I like Gladly feeling of Stainless Steel and Plating, so I like chic colors and I like them.

Design, performance is not complicated, but the shape of my head does not match anyhow. Foreigner specific "Vertical" Shell, I guess so far "Vertical" Both ARAI and SHOEI are Just size with L Size, but there is no indication that this Helmet is L Size at all. I think that it might come in if it gets pretty familiar. I will use it as an object for a while. Design is 100 points, to Hong and to. Design, huh?.

OMINE Komine : When I purchased WJ-731S Full Year Kevlar Jeans, Knee Pad firmly purchased separately because it does not fit into jeans at all.. Although it has a thickness, it is soft and compatibility with jeans is also good. Regarding performance and Protection, we are evaluating 3 because it is not overturned.
I feel doubt whether Manufacturer with Pad that does not match Jeans's material as Standard Equipment was used as Rider.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I bought it for SS1100 made by the company that I use in sub.
Whichever Motorcycle only has to ride during the day, so any Shield was good as long as you could prevent direct sunlight and your face could be hidden, but the merchandise photos of Gold and Silver Mirror shields are slightly overlooked I felt like I was in TINT (Smoke) I selected.

【How was it actually used?】
SHOEI, ARAI, and also my own HJC Helmet's Smoke Shield compared to the black hair. There is no hindrance to driving if it is daytime, but running with this shield at night is pretty scary.
Instead, the face is hard to see through by the sunlight, and it is comfortable because it will not become dazzling even if it is hit by direct sunlight.
Scratches We are currently driving about 1,000 kilometers of Touring using General Road & Expressway at this Helmet & Shield, but conspicuous Damage is not included. The impression that Coating is working firmly.

【Mounting was difficult?】
Helmet of SPEED AND STRENGTH has never possessed SS 1100, so we do not know other Helmet, but replacement work is easy since shield attach / detach mechanism is easy operation to lift Lever.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
As for the SS 1100, making Lever of the Shield attachment / detachment mechanism is somewhat intriguing feeling, so if you forcibly lift it, it may break, so let's be careful.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
The quality of Shield itself is not particularly.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Although making of Helmet itself is inexpensive, it is good, but it would be better if you could make it corresponding to Pin Lock Seat and Tear-off Film if possible.

【Have you compared items?】
SPEED AND STRENGTH Helmet exclusive goods so nothing particularly

It seems that there are not many people who use Helmet of SPEED AND STRENGTH, so I would appreciate it if you could refer. As Helmet and Shield are inexpensive as a commercial item, those who are interested. It is surprisingly a good thing.

There was also somewhat expensive things, I tried to buy though I lost my purchase.
The model is 87 year type GSX - R 1100 H.
The result has changed dramatically. Mild by Smooth, the glowing feeling at low speed is reduced to the Large width.
Immediately after Start with the signal, the moment I thought that I was going to hold AxelOff, Clutch in front, I got to go forward Axel on.
I guess that's why I'm going to endanger it. Colle reduces to Large width.
Emblem also reduced by 30 to 40% (Sensuously) So it's easy to get on over the whole area. On the contrary, I get into the illusion that Punch is gone.
Because it is Return, I do not know how many years to ride, but I think that I should have put it on sooner.
Fuel Hose goes over Blowby hose in GU 74, so some people may need to replace Fuel Hose with a long one.

I have been interested in decompression Valve for a long time and was considering including products from other companies.
Regarding purchase, other people 's imp are changed to Large change reference. I finally decided on T-REV α as having decided exclusive setting for the car type, thing becoming cheap at Sale became decisive.
As for the installation work, because it is a narrow Space, it is hard to get into hands, Plug cord, other Harness sorting out and piping is not handled and it will not fit with chitin so it was Large strange. (Periodical maintenance becomes depressing)
The attached manual is difficult to understand! I thought that it would be nice if there was a little detailed explanation.
Regarding the effect after installation, starting from Idling during Start, you can start with half Clutch without raising the rotation and the rise in lightness has also become lighter. As for Engine braking it became pretty Mild and it almost got no more gory shaku. I felt quite an effect in trial operation so I am looking forward to the future Touring.

2002 year CB 1300 SF (SC 40 - Second Type Model with secondary air installation).

Originally it is for SC 54, but I thought easily that it would somehow arrive, when I inquired to Teramoto Auto Business Co., I purchased SPKit with an answer that it can be installed if SPSit can not be checked for αSystem.

Somewhat, there is interference with Fuel Cock, FCR Carburetor Body + Air cleaner less Spec. So I did not see the length of Hose to the Catch tank, but I could install it.

As soon as I started running acceleration became Smooth "Hmm?" Thinking, pulling to high rotation "Oh!" And you can feel the effect more, furthermore, AxelOff - Downshift Sometimes "HOO !!" I was surprised at the effect.

With that in mind, the desire for upgrading to αSystem has been increasing more and more, I inquired again to Teramoto Motor Shochi, and I gave Muri to send Parts that seemed necessary.

Since the Hose handling around the secondary air installation is different from SC 54, it is necessary to Cut Hose in actual matters, so there are some troublesome parts, but air flow etc etc. Think about it..

And, speaking of the effect of wearing, SPKit can be felt to have increased by two more levels.

Considering performance and Cost, Recommendation is definitely αSystem, but those who want to experience the difference in effect are usually Kit (Including SPKit) I think you can also enjoy upgrading from.