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Speed Heart

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I lost Goldwin's same price range Gloves, so I bought it for the summer RACING Gloves with a favorite FIVE.

Fit feeling is quite good.
Since Cuffs is mofumf, it does not involve winds, and it opens up large and thick, so you can cover leather jacket sleeves as well.

It has a good operation feeling, it sounds like a Blinker sounded a horn, I have nothing.

However considerable dissatisfaction with cold weather.
If the temperature is less than 10 degrees, your fingertips will get colder without going to 10 minutes.
I am worried about Touring because it is this zama in town.

It is only Fe Eve's Gloves and the operability is also perfect! If it runs for only about 2 hours, the Protector part of the palm and the fingertip are darkened. That point is Minus. It may be that I happened to be so ... but there is no complain!

All Gloves are using FIVE. (Except for rain) However, there is a little problem this time.
When I used it for the first time, I thought that my hand would be a little black and after that I did not see such a phenomenon.
But suddenly caught in a sudden shower the other day - - Taking off Gloves makes the hand color awesome. About half of both hands became black gracefully. When washing, it faded out considerably. I hope the color will not fall any further.
Other than that, I am satisfied with Large.

It is Gloves which breathes well and does not feel Stress in driving operation. I think that placement of Protection will not interfere with operation. I got lost in Size at the time of purchase. I chose one above in the Size that street lights from the Size table. It was exactly a good size, but the thumb is just ahead. Is my thumb short?.... But since the former FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer's was almost JUST, this Gloves may have a little longer thumb. I do not feel any particular difficulties.

I am using it from the summer, but it is very good.
If you give a strong and bad point, it is not breathable than it looks. However, I think that it is a perfect score considering the price. This Recommendation.

I bought this because I had the previous version..the EVO is much softer..more of the clarino leather than the first model, the first model has more cow leather on the palm..the fit does not change, soft and light, overall its good for normal street riding..recommended product!

About 4 times to use, outside the thumb (Side not related to Grip) A few threads have got faint from. Even if you show it to Motorcycle fellows, "This is terrible" It was. When I asked Okada Shoji of Manufacturer to exchange goods, I sent an image because I wanted to send the image, but after all I could confirm the fray of the thread, but I do not know whether it is exchange or repair if I do not send it It was the answer.
In other words, in the meantime, there will be no Gloves.
It was a bad product with poor quality.
There was no fray of this kind of String of other company Manufacturer.

Although it is Gloves for summer for Air flow, it did not feel the difference with STUNT used in spring and autumn. I used it once, but my hands are black for some reason. Is it only in the beginning of use?.