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I was considering replacing because Bike Cover was torn, and I first learned that Size with Top case on sale. Until now, I removed the Top case every time I got home, troublesome, sometimes I started off without locking and dropped on the way - - -
I was able to buy it cheaply at a considerable discount.
Initially, the product felt Large, but until the top case "Fahasa" If you think about putting a Cover at a moment, it is just a good size with Large eyes.
The through hole of the lock is also large and easy to use, but since the hole of the Front comes to the back of the Front tire in his Motorcycle, I locked it through the cord at the tip of Cover.
Although durability is unknown, this price can be replaced immediately, and Waterproof performance was also sufficient.
By the way, the picture is TDM + Top case.

It completely covers Tire with GSX-R 750 K8.
The hem is pulled by a thick Rubber string around the front and back,
It is safe to fix the car body around the car body center, around the car body with a cord preventing hiding. It is convincing if this price is also the thickness of the fabric itself.
Overall the COSPA is satisfied.

Purchase for crime prevention and rainfall when stopping at a parking lot. Material did not feel good in price, but enough products for my purpose of use. Rubber is attached on the lower side of Cover, covering Motorcycle completely. Moreover, since it can firmly fix it through the single string from the Center to the bottom, it is safe even on a strong wind day.

Although the Cover of the off-road vehicle always strayed in size, when Type 6 was used by WR250R for the time being, it was an almost apt size.
-- < -- the Belt br(ed), > fastened and put is also touch kind in (?) Off vehicle with many crevices.

Although a car was washed with the Sponge and the toothbrush, in the portion which does not arrive by a Sponge, or the toothbrush, the area which can be polished was too small, it is, he also wanted the serious portion, and the Brush for a car wash purchased it. Since the Brush with which form differs from a size to both ends is attached although it is

3 Set, according to uses, such as a fine portion of the circumference of an Engine, it is properly used [ that it is various and ] by a fin, a Caliper, and the DISC. Although the durability of the
Brush is also used about three months, it is not a still worried Level.

I think that the efficiency of a car wash becomes good and becomes easy considerably.

It can use ordinarily. But the Spare key was rusty for a while.
If it does not care about a fine point, it can use enough.

In the case of a car wash, it is [ circumference of the Caliper portion of the circumference of a Wheel or a Brake, and a Suspension ] user-friendly as a Brush which arrives till fine places, such as an Engine fin. Since
hair ends are small, fine unevenness of a Motorcycle is fitted and it is easy to wash. The touch which is hard to treat carried out a little thing of the Type with which
, however both ends are a Brush. If you could divide into two?

Since it was always hard to wash a Wheel, the Brush of the just right Size was looked for.

Although he thought that such much Brush was not needed, since the hardness and size of hair ends differ from each other, respectively, according to a use, it is likely to be utilizable.

It is a Wheel brush that it is especially pleasing, and the portion of the handle is Arch form and it is easy to wash the place which did not arrive easily.

It is just going to call it the object ! for Motorcycles truly indeed.