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SPEED OF SOUND memproduksi pakaian dan sarung tangan bahan kulit untuk balapan dan olahraga balap. SPEED OF SOUND memiliki desain yang simple dan perlindungan yang baik dengan harga terjangkau.

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Ulasan Produk SPEED OF SOUND

I was cheap and when I was looking for MFJ official recognition of Leather suit I came to Speed ??of Sound.
Even though it was inexpensive, I made a firm run once with a firm build but there was no problem with Leather suit and body at all. Also, Size is the same M even if it is thin body thick etc. LineUp is easy to choose for middle-aged people.
In the hanging state I tried Logo and Naming because the pattern is lonesome a little.
It is favorite..

I bought it for use in "GR414" of GREEDY which is used for Circuit driving.
Shape, Large Kite, both are Exactly.

Suit is an attachment and detachment of Knee slider, and Base will inevitably be damaged, I expect it to prevent it.

While traveling Knee Slider got away, I missed knees and did not notice, so the Magic tape was scraped and I could not wear the Knee Slider. To Dainese's leather leather suit a little Large, so I could wear it around. Well, this kind of look, it looks a little bad.

Knee Slider was cut too much and the bottom end part was also scraped together. When Base was scraped, Knee Slider could not be attached securely so I bought it for the purpose of protection.
It is recommended that you purchase it as insurance as Base is scraped and you do not know the feeling as it is rubbing on your knees.
Things are close to the existing Base shape, even if you are in Large, you can cut and adjust easily with scissors so I think that the Large way.

Since there were two Motorcycles, it attached to one both at a time.Since the die length of the
key (attached tool) is short, it also feels like calling it the kana ? which the direction which had die length to a slight degree can fasten firmly.
If it is the structure which can be turned with an about 10-mm Glasses, I will think whether it was better.
, however a Number -- -- it is attached perfectly -- it seldom sees in ? -- also in order [ that ?(smile)

price is also cheap ] to carry out and to prevent things, saying, it was stolen when he noticed, I think whether it is good to attach as tamper-proof insurance.

It purchased to the Circuit run. Structure of each part of
is also solid, and it is safe at MFJ correspondence. Although
medium size was purchased, it was a Just size at me of the standard form (165 cm and 60 kg).

It has purchased very cheaply. It is used to the Circuit run. The Protector is [ main portions, such as the shoulder, an elbow, a collarbone, and the coccyx ] contained. It is also a kind place that there is an inner pocket. Although a Knee slider also follows, we recommend you to exchange, since it rubs and is not refreshing. It seemed that a price was comparatively strong to the extent that the shoulder was beaten for a while by the high SIDE although it actually fell 3 times. A Protection also seems to be satisfactory. It is recommended in the direction that a Circuit run will be begun from now on!

It purchased at the time of the corrosion of an attachment bolt.
Although it is the comment after attachment Satisfied with texture, after service, etc., since a manufacturer does pure specification.