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SPEED PIT menawarkan produk jet helmets, helm full face, dan helm half cap dengan harga terjangkau. SPEED PIT juga menyediakan berbagai pilihan produk anti maling, spion dan aksesoris kecil untuk motor.

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Since it runs about 200 times each time, I thought that it would be possible to reduce the burden on the wrist and I bought it. On road was able to feel sufficient effect. However, in the forest road I broke when I knocked down one turn ... It is a good item if I do not fall over (^_^;)

I decided to buy with shape. When using 10 mm Normal Thread Screw, the inside diameter of NutCover was narrow and Screw did not enter NutCover. Screw entered in NutCover for 8 mm NutCover, so we extended the hole to 9 mm 8 mm and drilled 10 mm Screw with Tap.
Without this process it will be highly appreciated ....
Therefore, although it recommends to 8mm vehicles without problems, please be prepared for 10mm vehicles that processing is necessary.
Mirror is small, the visibility gets worse, but it can not be helped because the shape is good.

Distortion is terrible. I feel uncomfortable in less than 30 minutes. Installation precision etc.. There is no problem in the view, but the important vision is not usable in this. I think that there are individual differences in appearance, but it is an impression after using products of similar shape for the past 20 years. It is the first time that visibility is distorted as much as this product.

Looking at the image of the product and came with Pin so boldly purchased.
The shape itself is almost the same as the Bubble shield made by Buco.
Compared to Buco, there is not much sharpness at the boundary between the outer circumference and the spherical surface.
There is no color like Smoke with Blue taste than Buco, no Coating etc.
Although it is natural, there was no Buco stamp, Seal of Manufacturer was affixed (I immediately peeled off).

To Buco's Shield Converter, Buco's Bolt - Installation was possible with Nut
Originally crappy Hook can easily detach just by rubbing with Drill.
There seems to be no severe visibility distortion in feeling on trying on it.
I can not say anything because I have not started using it yet, but I am happy to exchange it for cheap price.
I will attach a White Mall to the bottom of it and try to make it more perfect Batammon.

Currently I am using LEAD, SHOEI, Silex helmets, but my ears are for the lucky ear 30 minutes and my ears seem to tear off so that the back of my LEAD helmet's ear pad is cut with scissors and used was. Since Silex's helmet used in turnip was not complaining, the same type of earpiece was searching for a soft type and found SPEED PIT attached to the inner visor cheaply and bought it. Since the visor is also attached, it is unnecessary to waste expenses to replace the smoke shield and replace the larger ear pad. The color of silver is also beautiful.

It was exactly right because I wanted to be simple without too much roaring.. Easy to install! I like using a hair pack and like to drink Straw!

While bad inexpensive goods are on the market, I chose this because it is a reliable Brand.
Even in the pasting stage, you can stick it cleanly and have no complaints.
No complaints with a beautiful appearance after pasting.
About 1 year passed after pasting but there was no deterioration such as peeling.
Large This item is satisfactory.
It is also a very good point to be able to fine-tune Order.

Purchase wants to change the image of silver wheel. I made gold of my favorite color.
Size is 4M - 6M - There were 3 types of 10M and I got lost, but I actually cut and pasted a vinyl tape on the wheel of Motorcycle to confirm the mounted image, and chose the result 6M.
The delivered product has a texture higher than I thought, and a manufacturer's sticker is also attached and I am satisfied.

Since it is the first paste, I also purchased the Sticking Gauge for Rim Stripe. If you have little pasting experience, we recommend you to purchase at the same time.

In addition, the product of Bae Wei is cheap in price, packing - Shipping is also polite, I will always buy with confidence. Appreciation.