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Tenda motor SPEEDWAY merupakan pilihan tepat bagi Anda yang ingin sepeda motor kesayangan Anda terbebas dari cuaca buruk dan ancaman pencuri. Berbeda dari tenda khusus sepeda motor kebanyakan, tenda dari SPEEDWAY memiliki ukuran yang lebih besar sehingga lebih nyaman serta tidak meninggalkan bekas goresan pada body motor.

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Although it is blowing out, it is parked in a parking lot with a roof. Well, as a person who is blessed as an environment, security is a dubious land. Since Cover can not be hung up until the engine cold after returning home, I was looking for a commodity with this arrangement, but Komine's Impre is not good. I thought that it was a high Speed ??way and there was also OutletSale and purchased.
I think assembly is easy. But Carrying bag does not make any sense at all. If it is heavy, if you use it for a while, the deferment is obvious? It will be cheaper by that amount, and if you do not use it just a placement.
Because it is Outlet? Quality is not it "Large land next to maid in" It is Level.. The painting of Frame is thin, and it does not close to the end when it assembles, the end is floating about 10 cm. Maybe it will be better if Cover grows up ... I will see if I will continue using it.
With this price it can not be forgiven.

Is O
assembly comparatively simple for Design nature?

It became a key point to have not had an unfashionable feeling and it purchased.

[Webike Monitor] It is an assembly instantly after

goods arrival. The description of a main part is an assembly, trying to swerve, since there was a Japanese supplementary document, although it was English. It was easy to have been assembled even if it does not use the
tool. Although
structure is so so, it thinks now that 40,000 is high too...

Very useful accessory but VERY expensive! Price should be different. The price is the 1/10 of the price of a middle bike.